Expanding a position

Here is a game that I played against a higher-rated opponent’s Center-Counter defense and won.  He sort of gets generous with his attack.  I can say that where he played 15.  a4, if instead he had played 15.b5, I might have tried BxB followed by Nxb.  Of course, he could develop more since my attack is not particularly emminent itself (and he should be noting it from my perspective).

Anyway, the key thing here is that once I had accepted his free piece, that I continued to “expand”/strengthen my position.  Really a Nimzovitch idea along the lines of what he referred to as prophylaxis.

The important thing for me is that I didn’t “have a garage sale” once I got ahead, but instead expanded the scope of my position, or ‘infrastructure’ as Obama might call it.  😉


2 thoughts on “Expanding a position

  1. Good plan in the opening ( with g4 and O-O-O as you described before). I would play 11. h4 instead of 11. g4, after forced 11. …h6 12. g5 opens line “g” for attack. I am not sure about soundness of his exchange sacrifice, of course 18…. Bb4 was a mistake, losing a knight.

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