For The Win!  May work in World of Warcraft, but chess is sooo much the zero sum game.  As one guy I played recently said “You are playing for the win, that’s your problem!”

Recently, I’ve observed all too often in Crafty’s behavior that if it’s anything less than a 2 1/2 pawn advantage, it’s probably going to be a draw.   In case I’m not clear, let me break that down for you.  One pawn advantage with 1.5 points extra as “dynamic compensation”.  Ooops, opponent made some brilliant defensive move, and before you know it that pawn is gone too, and it’s a draw.  Crafty’s other favorite ploy is to go into some weird variation, and then temporize back and forth; i.e, repeat the position, whilst claiming some strong evaluation either way, only to lose it by temporizing.

Chess is very much good strategic defense, capable of being played many ways and by “weaker” players, until one side inexplicably blunders something.  Great chess is what super GMs did back during the Cold War, where they would seal a move, adjourn, then squeeze out the win under slow time controls after staying up all night studying the position.  THOSE guys were playing “for the win!”, if ever there was one.


3 thoughts on “FTW!

  1. I didn’t know that Crafty can do these tricks, will be more careful. Weaker players in my games mostly survive not because of their defense, but because I don’t see/play the decisive move.

  2. I guess that’s why one has to play the board and not the opponent.
    Oke, one can prepare something, like an opening, one knows the opponent doesn’t has good results against it but still, a chess game is more then just an opening.

  3. Crafty likes to push the envelope also. I’ve caught her at times over-reaching, which seems to be how she’s programmed. hehe. So I have to throw some more prudent moves into her analysis at times.

    Rollingpawns, I guess the inverse is that my bad attack = their good defense. This would also be how I am describing my games. Most of the time for me, defense seems more specific, and an attack more open-ended. Most players seem able to spot the specific.

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