Game similar to Round 1

In this game, White blunders with 16.Bg5, but Black blunders back with 16. Rae8. After he played BxB, as soon as I played RxB I saw that he was going to play Qg5, and was kicking myself.

After the game, I thought that 16…Nc5 was the logical choice, as the queen can recapture the bishop and the knight bombs White’s light-bishop on d3 (which shows there isn’t much point in thinking that bishop is going to be much of a middle-game factor).

However, there is a winning shot I missed as Black, and Crafty has it as -2.42.

Game similar to Round 1


3 thoughts on “Game similar to Round 1

  1. 16…Bc5+ is winning the e-pawn.

    Black can also start that same idea with 16…Ndxe first, which Crafty thinks is slightly stronger.

    13…Qb6+ would have picked off the pawn on b2 as well.

    Where is Aziridine to comment on how well White played this opening? hehe.

  2. Tough game .
    16…Bc5+ was the move if i had seen it i would have played.
    Certainly not 16…Bxg5 allowing the knight to invade and all sorts of trouble.

    Whites knight play was very good, and caused a lot of trouble.
    The use of the fork was very effective.

    46.Rxg6+ simplifies into a pawn storm,leaving a bishop for 4 pawns was always going to be difficult.

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