The power of a novelty

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I found this novelty in an opening book, the answer to a long thorny problem, how to continue development in this queen’s orthodox, as Black. The g6, Nh5-g7, Bf5 maneuver is brilliant, some creative minded strong-player (probably GM) came up with this. I’ve done well by it the couple of times I’ve played it. It thwarts White’s natural inclination to continue playing naturally for the advantage.

I believe this game took me less than 8.5 minutes to play, so it was mostly on his time, and I am almost surely a “slow” player to all the others on FICS who try to beat me on time and are often successful at it. I know this because they don’t quit when they drop a piece, hint, hint, and they have played me multiple times.

White will end up losing another pawn from the final position, and so resigns.

The power of a novelty


4 thoughts on “The power of a novelty

  1. Excellant game i like 21…Ne4 it cuts right into whites position.
    The g6, Nh5-g7, Bf5 moves seem natural.
    The way you in a few moves just unlocked the position was very good.
    What would have been your next move Rxa3?

  2. Thanks, Chessx. 🙂

    Game could have continued 33. Ra2 Kg7 33. any Re3 (double rooks on 3rd rank) 34. h4 h5 35. Rg5 Rh3+ followed by Rxh.

    White could trade a rook on g3, but the ending still goes something like …a5, then rook over to b4 to attack pawns on a4 and d4.

    Something like that.

  3. black has still the problem of the backwards b-pawn in that position so one has to be still carefull as long as there are rooks on the board.

  4. Arasan 10.3 (free chess program, you can download it) found 18. Bxa6 or 20. Nxa6 and it’s better or equal for White. You would probably want to check these lines. I wouldn’t overestimate this novelty (or maybe it needs more work), I think you just played better. f5 was good, blew off his king’s cover.

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