Another victorious tournament

In game 1, I took a pass on key opportunities, as Black, and escaped with a draw, and luckily not hard-fought at that.
Round 1

In game 2, I got an early advantage, but then miscalculated and jumped the gun. I knew I could have continued development, so I would have done better if I had gone that path instead of thinking I had something right then. Luckily, my opponent blundered as soon as he had gained the initiative.
Round 2

Game 3 was ethereal. We went 17 moves without exchanging a pawn, a maneuvering game. I thought he had interesting attacking possibilities with g4, but he chose h4, eschewing g4 as “too risky”, which allowed me to get in f5 for defense. After he needlessly dropped a pawn and then made another positional error with his bishop, it was just a matter of technique.
Round 3

Funny, I never thought this tournament was going to amount to anything since I needlessly aimed for a draw in my first game – tired after only 4 hours of sleep, but a Monster energy drink kicked in after that to where I felt normal. My “grandmaster draw” game 1, hehe, helped conserve my energy immensely. By game 3, we were already on about move 15 before any of the other games even started.

Wow, it’s not until I let Crafty see it that I realize how well I played some parts. Games 1 and 3 were well-played by me. Game 2, I really spoiled some great attacks and played the attack as if I were stoned on something.

The ratings calculator thinks I went up from 1715 to 1746 after this tournament. The big guns stayed at home today, but I seem to have played better than I had realized, regardless. Oh, my OTB rating was actually 1722, so now it may be 1751.

My goal is to make A player, although expert would be sweet. 🙂 I have to beat the next level of competition to get there, though, the over 1750 crowd, even if I want to just make A player rating for one moment in my life. Unfortunately, it will be three weeks before there is a regular tournament there; next week is G/60 and the week after that is SCCF candidates tournament (previous tournament winners from other events, it seems), not sure where that is taking place.


5 thoughts on “Another victorious tournament

  1. Great “grandmaster draw”.
    Game 3 28…g4 locked whites position nicly.
    The passed pawn was also going to cost a piece.
    Looking from England what rating is an A player?

  2. 1800.

    I was trying to make his bishop bad the whole game and thought it weird the lengths he went to to preserve it. After all, in this game, like I told him afterward, I was following his style of play to see where it would lead to. He seems to like to keep positions closed longer than anyone else I know. But another player said he is very good at attacking the king, and he saw same tactics I saw I mentioned a position to him. Crafty liked a lot of his moves. Guy seems very sound, except for the mistakes he made.

  3. Only one question about game 2.

    You play Ng1-e2-g3 and after that exchange the white squared bishop on d3. Keeping in mind that i dont know the played opening i wonder if just exchanging the bishop on d3 and developing the knight to f3 isn’t better?

    The only benefit i can see of this Ng3 thing is that it helps taking f5 under control but with a knight of e7 and a possible f6 of black i dont think that f5 brings white so much advantage and therefor the manouvre Ng1-e2-g3 seems to be a loss of tempo in my eyes. But then again, i dont know this opening so please explain.

  4. Congratulations on a good result. In the first game, what were the missed key opportunities for Black? It looked to me like a pretty balanced play. In game 3, I liked g6-g5-g4, the guy for some reason collapsed after that.

  5. Chesstiger, you are right. ..f6! then if I play f4…f5! for Black equalizes. Also, the backward e-pawn can be expunged for Black, and 0-0-0 with it. The implication is that I can win the backward e-pawn, but Black should be able to trade it off by force.

    Rollingpawns – Thanks! I missed gxf instead of Nxf as Black. I had also thought of playing Nh5 instead of Bg4. gxf would have changed the nature of the game, if not Nh5 as well. I missed trading queens immediately and playing Nc5 as well, winning a pawn, but he can win it back by force so no loss there.

    In game 3, I think he keeps looking for the win instead of saying “hey, my position is not looking like great-shakes here, and he is actually hemming me in and stuff, why don’t I try to make a draw?” He had run out of space and didn’t realize the best space to take was in front of his own king, instead of thinking it’s too risky. Getting hemmed in is a sure thing though as the alternative!

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