Chess Assistant 9

This is the best purchase that I could have made for a database/openings handler. Unless I want to avoid theory completely like some seem want to do; side-story to that, a guy played f4 against me in yesterday’s game 3, and needless to say was writing his own theory as we played. He played his system well. I’ve beaten him before in the Alekhine, and we almost played again once, where he choose yet a different opening, before we figured out we had been paired wrong.

But this program seems to do all that I was looking/hoping for in a “database program”. I didn’t even buy the standard database for it, just using the openings encyclopedia and the game bases that come with it, it’s nice that that is a separate product that you can choose to buy later.

Oh, I bought it at the club for $99 (but it’s cheaper online). I like that it runs on my Windows2000 PC. Appears it comes with around 1.5 million games on it. I was able to quickly figure out how to use it for reviewing openings. Supposedly there are these 900 or so photographs of players on it, but that is the one part that I couldn’t get to work, minor quibble.


4 thoughts on “Chess Assistant 9

  1. Sounds just what you need.
    Did you use chess assistant light first,then decide to buy the full program.
    Let us know how you get on with ca9, as personal recomondations are better than site reviews some times.

  2. Hi Chessx! A player over here is 1800-1900, and expert is 2000-2200.

    I tried quite a few of the free light databases, including Chess Assistant, and didn’t really like any of them, although Chess Assistant seemed like the best one. But when I installed the paid copy of it, I loved it right away for some reason, wasn’t expecting that. Seemed a lot better for some reason.

  3. I think Chess Asssitant is great ! Been using it for 2+ years. CA10 is a bit of an improvement on Ca8 & 9.
    The photos database is called Guru, and is more of an encyclopeadia..don’t look at it much, butr its fun. There is info on their ( Convekta’s ) forum about how to make it work properly. I never had any issues, but some have had.
    Its a lot easier to use and more flexible than their Aquarium product, and background analysis is just fantastic !

  4. I had to look up to see Rybka w/Aquarium is a different product. Thanks for your insight, Nick

    I love how CA records moves and sidelines as you play, uses predict-a-move and you don’t have to tell it to do these things.

    Shredder is the latest take-away I’ve gotten from this product, huge advantage over using Crafty, for me.

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