It is Black to move.
Black’s defense loses material. Find the likely continuation for this game.

Hint: I found the first 2 moves but requested the game only be adjudicate as abort because I did not see the combination or “sham sac” on move 3. I was awarded the win, though.


4 thoughts on “Combo

  1. …Nb6
    Rb1 Rb8 (…Ra6?, Qb7 wins a piece)
    Bxd! NxB (…QxB?, QxQ NxQ, RxR Nxc, Nxc Nxa, Nxa wins the pawn and the exchange)
    RxR QxR

    and White has netted the d-pawn.

    Technically, this is just another ‘removing the defender’ or ‘deflection’ tactic.

  2. It’s Winboard. Ssshhh, everyone suspects I use Xboard/Linux, but same difference really, the way it would look.

    Just won another long-combination type game, this is becoming the norm now. My chess club did not hold a tournament this weekend or I would have gone.

    Here is a combinative game that I just played. Dusy, I would diagram some comments, but it does seem a lot of work for that since those would have ended up as different games. The main takeaway from this game is that after BxN on c3, there is no defender of the fianchettoed position’s squares ( other than the queen and king ). So practical chances aren’t really there so much, plus no knight defender in front of the king, which is typical of the variation you chose even when played correctly.
    Linuxguy vs Dusy

  3. Bxd5 is a kind of move I found I miss in correspondence games ( not talking about blitz at all ). I hope I would see such a move in OTB game. The last game was good, Bh6 was easy and typical mistake (funny though that once I saw how the guy rated ~1400 did it to the guy rated ~1700 OTB and won), Bxh7 – good you see it in online game.

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