Next Tournament

Might play in the LA tourney tomorrow.

Still not sure whether to play in the Open or Amateur (under 1800) section.

40/2 SD/1 6 rounds

Which do you think would be best?

It’s only $80 EF, prizes are like $600 first place for U2000 in the open section or U1800 in the amateur section, and $300 for 2nd place.


3 thoughts on “Next Tournament

  1. Good luck if you do play.
    The under 1800 may give you a lot of players in a narrow rating band near the 1800 cut off.As you are close to that every game can be tough,like playing yourself.
    But the open can give you some very high rated players and perhaps better games,in the pressure is on them being rated higher.
    Whatever you do enjoy.

  2. U1800 could be easier if some players near 1800 play up section. So, from the prize point of view, you know the answer, from the rating point of view could be about the same. You will have to get > than 50% in U1800 and something 2.5 out of 6 will be good in U2000 to keep/raise it. Quality, I agree here with chessex, could be higher in U2000, there is also a risk to be beaten up there.

  3. Hey, Thanks ChessX and RollingPawns! :-)) I always appreciate the encouragement from you guys.

    I was standing at the elevator and an Indian guys son was 1700’s and he said ‘Why don’t you just play open?’ So I did.

    I never buy alcohol at the store, but I saw a bin of cheap wine next to the milk and I wondered if it could be good for my heart. Actually, I should just donate blood to thin out my blood.

    Anyway, I had two glasses of wine before going to bed and still felt done-over in the morning, so I was going to play in the amateur section, but changed my mind based on the father’s advice.

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