The combination


You can go ahead and look for it, Black to move. On the face of it, it just looks like I played a stupid game against a stronger player, but a combination was the difference between losing and grabbing an advantage. I suspect that neither of us saw, nor would the casual examiner of the game, but it is critical.

Different position; again, Black to move – find the moves. Hint: If you solve position 1, it will make it a lot easier to solve position 2.



One thought on “The combination

  1. I.
    16. …Bxg
    17. Rg1 Be4!
    18. Rg5 (or f4) BxB
    – or –
    18. BxB QxN

    I may have even briefly seen this move, because I wanted to cut off communication with the queen and knight, but somehow I failed to think of BXB once he protected the knight, and forgot about it. I thought there was something I was trying to remember later about that knight but couldn’t find.

    17. …Nxh
    18. Rxh gxR
    19. Qxh Be4!
    20. BxB RxR+
    21. QxR QxN

    I missed another combo over the board, but he was never even looking at it. I thought I had messed up with playing 9…b6 because of:
    10. Bb5 Bb7
    11. BxN QxB
    12. NxB+ gxN
    messing up my pawns, which would probably lose against him. But instead I missed:
    11. … BxN! (on e4)

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