Next tournaments

Need to set my alarm clock, but I plan on playing tomorrow, another 3 rounder, should be some interesting games. Then the next week I’m going to try my hand at G/90 in a matchup between two local chess clubs. It looks like a sure thing that I will get matched up against another A player with both Black and White pieces.

Generally, I really suck at G/90 compared to the usual 30/90, G/30, but I will try my best, and try to play a meaningful game even though it’s faster – will have to be ready, openings-wise. If I lose on time, don’t be surprised. If it happens it happens but I am more interested in playing the best game I can than losing quickly for no reason just to save on time, and not seeing many opportunities either.


7 thoughts on “Next tournaments

  1. Good luck in the tournament tomorrow! I am getting up early for a tournament as well. This tournament is only G/60. I wish that longer game controls were more prevalent!

  2. TommyG, good luck in your tournament as well!

    G/60 seems sorta hopeless, but it is prevalent. Basically what it means is that you won’t have time for the endgame, so you have to be prepared to sort of fake the endgame and generally not improve as much in that dept. as you would in 2hr/40 type tournaments. It also means that your attacks probably won’t be as sacrificial as they could be, and you end up having to be more materialistic than positional, which isn’t really the best chess, either.

  3. compared to the usual 30/90, G/30? Uhm… I am a little sleepy right now and i am having a headache as well. What time control are you refering to? I play G/105 at my club.

  4. Hi, CMoB!

    G/90. I just tried to see if I could do well on one of those Solitaire games by Pandolfini and realized my superficial chess isn’t really any good (forced myself to play fast). I have to lose on time or not, that is the only way forward.

  5. You have to play G/90, this is not a bad format. As more OTB you play, as better.
    Remember Botvinnik rule – 20% of the time for the first 15 moves, i.e. ~20 minutes in this case and you will be fine. Try to leave ~30 minutes for the endgame and you won’t screw it up. Good luck!
    Tommyg, good luck to you too.

  6. You are right, Rollingpawns! Great advice.

    I tried to follow this but ended up burning too much time again. 30 minutes for the endgame, I think that is the key time to aim for, to have that much left.

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