Nice miniature I played today on FICS. Just when I thought my goose had been cooked by the Catalan. Not just yeah, but heck yeah it’s nice to take down a Catalan.

Hey, I still want to make Expert before Ivan (not really, he’s just taking so long). I’m not dead yet!


He had 14. Qe2, which I was worried about before I even played 13…Nxe tongue-in-cheek, but Crafty gives Black the nod ( -.6 to -.7) after 14. Qe2 anyway; then …Bd6 or Nfd7 should be Black’s follow-up reply.

15/0 game. I still had 7 minutes left to his 10.


4 thoughts on “Catalan

  1. I think the Catalan is a cool opening. I want to learn it as White but NOT until I get my other stuff together! Congrats on beating the Catalan. I think the guy goofed by not moving his Queen to c2 before developing his Knight to c3.

    Good luck on your quest to expert. I am just trying to make PATZER!! 🙂

  2. You have said before you dont like the catalan,well done another aggressive win.

    I like the knight on c3,it is attacked on move 10…… b4 but is hanging until it moves on move 17.Their was just so much going on in this game you could afford not to take it.
    I like this game very much.

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