1 out of 3

Game 1, win
Game 2, tired
Game 3, tired

Thematic. I like to play the best players in round 1; when I sucked, I got that opportunity to play up in round 1, but now it’s the other way around. I’ve always played at my best in round 1.

Round 1
Round 2
Round 3

I was tired in game 2, but completely out of it in game 3. I dropped a piece in game 3 and he didn’t see it, but I saw it. At the end of game 3, I had Nf8 to protect the pawn, but forget all about it. I calculated NxN as losing, but played it anyway, that’s how far gone I was by that point. Neal said he was tired before round 3 (he had lost his first 2 rounds to weaker players), so I didn’t take half of a B-multivitamin, because I did not want an unfair advantage. I was way more tired than he at the end of the game, and he seemed fine.

9 times out of 10, I take a vitamin on game day (but rarely ever do on non-chess tournament days). Today, no vitamin, one cup of tea and one of those tiny cups of vanilla cappucino from the machine before round 3. Neal said after the game “You are an old man like I am” and he is right, I need to take some kind of vitamin/geritol.

I had to wait at least an hour between rounds unlike normal. Had a smoothie and croiscant before round 2. Finally ran off and bought a cheeseburger before round 3 or who knows how long I would have lasted; it was the wait between rounds that burned me out as well.

Rating estimator 1836 -> 1824
Anything 1820ish after that is more than fine by me.

In the last two games there were a lot of moves where as soon as I moved I was like “Why did I just do that, I’m losin’ it.” Against Joe, I played Be3, but immediately realized I should have played a3 instead. That seemed to be the story of the day, I was doing that a lot in games 2 and 3, a lot. I was too chicken to try and play the knight to c5 (aiming for d4) in game 3, seeing ghosts, but way too tired to calculate out anything well. I look at this now like it’s meaningless because I was too tired, but it would have been a much different story had I taken a vitamin. So this is how I play when I am not “me”, indecisive.

It’s 4:30 am now, just woke up. As soon as I finished writing this post, I crashed out, lights on, didn’t even open the window. That first round didn’t start until after 11:50 am – I think they should try to get it started by 11 am at the latest, change that time. You’ve really got to be prepared to stay up late and be energetic that whole time. Shoot, a person almost _needs_ an energy drink or something for that marathon. hehe. I think it must help to either be young or take something for endurance. That last game, I knew I had gotten the advantage, but then sort of just gave up on it, wanted to get it over with. He is a great player, though, and I’ve always learned a lot playing him.

Here is how tiredness creeps into a game (round 3). On move 12, my intuition told me not to be worried at all about 13. BxN gxB, but I played Nf6-d7 anyway just because I didn’t want to “deal with it”, same for not maneuvering the knight to c5, same for playing Bd6 to c5, simply did not want to deal with the game, which is what played into his hands. Neal calculates deeply, which helps him when I try to simplify like that. After the game, he said that his trouble is when the game “has lots of branches” (sort of like my round 2 game). I basically got rid of all the branches and let him beat me on his massive experience/endgame skill again.


7 thoughts on “1 out of 3

  1. Game 1 – you handled the opening well, I hate to play against Colle, find myself without counter-play. I didn’t understand his 20. b3, I think it ruined the game for him.
    Game 2 – my first impression was that you weren’t worse despite losing the pawn, I liked d5 (would do the same) and you just missed that Ng3+. I ran the game through Fritz. It said you were 1.00 or better before 18. Ng5. ({0.00 Fritz 11:}18. Rd3 Nf5 19. d5 Qe7 20. Rfd1 Qc5+ 21. Kh1 exd5 22. Rxd5 Qe3 23. Qc2 Be6 24. R5d3 Qc5 25. Qa4+ [1.07]). Fritz didn’t like d5 – {-0.47 Fritz 11:} 23. Ng5 Qa4 24. Rdd2 Bd7 25. Bg4 Qb4 26. Kg1 h3 27. Nxh3 O-O-O 28. Ng5 Qe7 29. Qf4 [0.33]. Then recommends 26. Qa4+ [-0.18] Kf8 [-0.36] 27. Qf4 [-0.50]. I think that d5 breakthrough makes his queen active. Interesting game. I’ll look at the game 3 too.
    You are not an old man, come on, I am 54 (though look younger) and when use this expression try only joke. I never played 3 long games in one day, so don’t know how good I would be in the end, probably tired too. Did you try piece of chocolate or bar with almonds, etc.? It usually helps me. You know, vitamin is not a performance drug, you shouldn’t hesitate. I can’t believe, frankly, that 0.5 tablet can have any effect.
    I think your task now is try to stay above 1800 and learn as much as you can, then it will transform into higher rating.

  2. Game 3 – I thought you were OK all the time except that blunder and also going into pawn endgame. You saw it and Fritz confirmed it:
    42. Nc5 Nxc5 {8.44 Fritz 11:} 42… Nf8 43. h4 Kc6 44. c4 bxc4 45. Kxc4 g6 46. g4 Kb6 47. b4 axb4 48. Kxb4 Kc6 49. Kc4 Kb6 50. Kd4 Kc6 51. Nd3 g5 52. Nb4+ Kb5 53. hxg5 {[0.31]}.

    I always hesitate to go into pawn endgame, because it requires exact, sometimes long calculation and there is no way back. In your game the positional factor that his future “a” passed pawn is “more remote” than your “c” would probably help. Anyway, looking at this game I see you were tired.

  3. Rollingpawns – thanks for the comments and advice.

    20. b3 in game 1 was so that he could get his queen back to f2 once I played …Ra8, and so the queen is then defending the a-pawn, but I saw that. I actually play pretty well in that particular kind of situation.

    I don’t know why these pros like David and Neal lose to these kids, and then get it back against me. I think they are not playing up to their potential against weaker competition or something. The kids do not do well against me. I gave gandhi a bunch of advice on how he should have played that opening and game after the game, and we blitzed it some. My bishop to e4 was not really good I knew, but he didn’t really “catch it” in any way. I told him not to trade his light-bishop if all his pawns are on dark squares and such – training my competition. hehe. But Neal loses to that kid, go figure.

    Against Neal, next time I am going to 0-0-0 because he is just too good, technically, for me to realistically handle to purposely play that quiet style.

    Chocalate is interesting, forgot about that one – I’ll make sure I pick some up next time. From now on I will take whatever energy drink or such for rounds 2 and 3, I don’t care if I win the game because I have more energy than the other guy, scr*w it, it’s just a performance measurement, the rating is. Yeah, at 42 I have no excuse, but will not try and win it “naturally” any more.

    Game 1, I expend so much nervous energy that it’s best I don’t take caffeine or anything, but after that round the nervous energy has been mostly expended so I could take just about anything to boost energy and be fine with it.

    It’s interesting that you liked the d5 push as well, since Crafty does not seem crazy about it at all. All game long I was looking at Rd3, but then kept doing other moves instead. If I had just played it when I had first thought about it, the game would have played differently because the dark squares would have been controlled by it – I was too worried about blocking in my bishop, but the dark squares were the central story of the game. I’ll check out your analysis from Fritz and try to make heads or tails about how I should have played it, although my silly Kh1 move had really messed me up by that point.

    I just found out they switched to quads for next week, so much higher rateds, four people per group, so now I will cancel my other plan for Saturday and play there instead. šŸ™‚ I think your advice is on the mark, I need to keep building up my experience and throwing new problems at my opponents, try and catch them napping in the opening. šŸ˜‰

  4. Rollingpawns – just saw your last message. YES, I think he enjoys playing me into the ground, in some sense, because he knows I have tired out in nearly all of our games, and they always seem to be round 3 games. I would have preferred having White against him and Black against Joe, but that’s how it goes.

    The fact that one person can play the ending well also means that the weaker player has to expend more resources to try and compensate at the board. Eventually, it seems to get the better of me – just when it looks like I am going to be okay, I let up.

  5. I’ve prepared for the Colle and French for next time, just need to look at the 4-pawns attack Alekhine.

    Tactically, I am still improving. Calculation without calculating tactics is like a chicken with the head cut off. The heart of chess is tactics.

    Just looked at the Alekhine. The 4 pawns still seems impossible to gain an advantage for White, if Black plays correctly, actively. I’m going to go back to positional channels with the exchange variation. There is a solid way to try and gain an advantage, and I’m pretty confident that Joe might play into it – the most impressive thing is the score. chuckles.

  6. When i am not injuried or recovering from operations i am also a runner.
    My half marathons races are in double figures.
    I have tried different energy boosting drinks,bars,tablets,powders and gels.
    The 2 that work for me are small squares of chocolate(but not on a hot run followed by water or energy drink) and Lucozade sport drinks(orange).
    The drink is the easiest to carry and take while onthe run,but the chocolate works a little quicker for me,but boost from these comes quicker than anything else i have tried.
    If you dont normally eat chocolate but try it,only use small bars at first,as it can make you sick if you eat to much and are not used to it.

    Non of this is proberly any help to a chess player.

  7. LOL!

    Thanks, Chessx!

    Normally, chocolate can make a person hyper, but when I am tired, I’ll take it. I had gotten down to the point, not much food, caffeine, vitamin, anything, that adding anything to that routine will give me a serious boost. The only caveat I admonish to anyone listening is to not do it during the first round. Be normal during the first round or you will get so nervous that you can’t focus properly, but after that, cheat like like he**!

    Actually, during round 1, I didn’t even leave the board until I got a winning advantage; whereas, I used to leave the board constantly.

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