No chess today

I woke up too late.

I tried, had no caffeine last night, woke up earlier, figured out the whole ‘energy’ problem (sleep schedule), etc, but too late or I would have played at the Open or club today.


7 thoughts on “No chess today

  1. I think so, ChessX. 🙂

    Next time I play, they may not know what hit them.

    I went through all these old Chess Life magazines. Math was not my strong-suit or I would have realized that 40 issues x 1 hour per issue = 40hrs. or 1 work-week!

    Sometimes I am amazed by all the things I did not know, things I wouldn’t have found out had I been playing a French Def. on FICS for the thousandth time. (note – I still didn’t bother to study the French, maybe part of one game).

  2. Hey LinuxGuy!

    Keep pressing forward with the no caffeine thing! I did it 10 years ago. (although grad school put me right back on it) 🙂

  3. I think I only feel “bad” when I drink coffee, it’s not the caffeine, it’s the other chemicals in it.

    I had an iced-coffee at McDonald’s today, was craving some coffee at the time. I count decaf coffee just as bad. If I only drink tea, get to that point always, then I feel that would be fine.

    But when you’re on the road, it’s coffee advertised, not tea, takes discipline then.

  4. I bought some half-caff at the store yesterday and just finished a cup. Yep, I should just accept it and do what it takes to win my chess matches.

    There is something in coffee that seems to affect the adrenaline to the heart. If I were a tea-drinker and quit tea, I would get antzy at first, but not tired so much.

    Coffee is interesting because it actually slows down the brain and reflexes even. But that slowness is good when you get it because if you have plenty of time on your clock, it will assure you don’t burn yourself out expending too much nervous energy.

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