Thought Process

Since we are all doing one of these posts now, it seems, hehe, I should mention I started one on TommyG’s blog:

I just want to add that I can play fast when I am determined to, as per yesterday on FICS at 15 5 time-controls:

This game was used essentially as a “verification” of my opening-line preparedness (Be2 French def.) This is a legit use FICS to test your opening skill or memorization. In my case, I should have these lines memorized. The key line would have been …b5 (for which I am prepared), but he played BxNc3 which is even better for White. he blundered with …Qc7 instead of …Qd8, then I played the winning g4. He could have given up the exchange, I believe, instead of going “ballistic” with two pawns for a knight. But in any case, a main point for showing this game is it proves that yes I can move fast, but also paradoxically that you can’t realistically play this as a blitz game! Someone would have run out of time or goofed on it, and the learning value could have been less. Even 15 0, I’ve come to despise (because it allows players to purposely win on time).

Honestly, I would like to think that a persons FICS rating should mostly be used as their “horsing-around” rating. Although, I have used it in contrast mostly for serious purposes, sticking to the same openings. However, I think there is a “flaw” in some players’ game – players often try to play the sharpest response and win from the opening, barring that they seem to fall apart rather quickly. Probably this is a natural thing to do. It’s not really the most practical idea because once the silver-bullets are gone, the warewolves can attack.

My game last night, Anthony showed this principle of restraint in the …Qh5 Scotch and I was not mentally as prepared for it (..BxNc3). It won him some clock time even though it was not the best move can we say. Oddly, in his case I think it was a mistake since he is such a sharp player, and I am usually more reliable in a quieter game. Really, I had a low opinion of his move, but it made it for an interesting/pleasurable experience. Like I say, it’s not the perfect example. My last game against Neal was a much better example, how Neal played that is. Perhaps Anthony was trying to lure me into to going wrong instead of recapturing with the knight, or perhaps he was trying to throw me out of normal openings channels to look for combos later in the game, which is where the decisive ones usually lie/are.

Analyzing this 19.Rf4 game has gotten strange, with Crafty sacrificing the exchange to have knight and pawn for rook and then plays very actively .22 sort of advantage where it is easy for White to go wrong. This is a virtue of that position for White is that it’s hard for Black to sit still. Anthony doesn’t have a problem with sacs, but many players probably will.

Crafty wanted to play 40…Rc2 over …e3, but I made it chose e3 because Rc2 doesn’t seem like it’s going to hold up. Here is that hypothetical draw.


8 thoughts on “Thought Process

  1. I hope you had a good christmas break.
    Was he trying to win on time,as he should have resigned after h pawn queened.
    With it being the season of good will and all that.

  2. I have played this line as white before and I believe that 6.Be2 is a better move. I believe white has to commit to playing a pawn sac in this line. Black will then lose the right to castle.

    The Qh4 line is a good surprise weapon as the best moves for white don’t necessarily just jump out at him. However with a bit of work I think white is having all of the fun in these lines, black will lose the right to castle after 6…Qxe4 7.Nbd5, Bxc3 8.bxc3, Kd8 otherwise the fork on c7 is kind of a big deal.

    Overall a positional way to handle this variation, one in which you never seemed to be in any trouble.

  3. ChessX, hilarious. They only seem to get tougher during the holidays, and don’t even give me the draw but make me lose on time – Rook vs. Bishop, no pawns, no increment.

    Wang, yes, good advice. …Qh4 is a strong move on the clock for Black, as it gets White thinking a lot early.

  4. “… but make me lose on time – Rook vs. Bishop, no pawns, no increment.”

    How can one lose there? Result must be a draw since with a bishop one cannot checkmate. If opponent had the rook then the result is correct.

    And as last comment for now: Never adjust yourself to your opponent, let your opponent adjust himself for you.

  5. “How can one lose there?”

    Easy, they know you don’t have time to apply the 50 move rule, and 3-fold is pretty hard when they are moving random. You haven’t spent much time on FICS, I see. It would be nice if the program stopped the game as a draw, but it doesn’t.

  6. “You haven’t spent much time on FICS, I see.”

    Before i found work i was about 3 to 6 hours a day on FICS (mostly in the nightly hours of the GMT+1 timezone). I was quickly made TM and shortly after that SR on FICS. Because of my good work as TM and SR i was also made admin. So dont say that i dont know FICS, i guess i know it better then you might think or ever will know.

    Lately, the last four years i wasn’t much on FICS since i have found work and so, beside all my other things in my free time, FICS was to much. So now i only sporadic am on FICS. Still find it better then ICS, the payable version of FICS.

  7. I don’t want to talk about Christmas “breaks”. I guess I have no excuse to put off a chess improvement plan any longer, but I’m still feeling rather tired and bitchy.

  8. A lot of players take FICS too seriously, if not most. I played a game today, he dropped a pawn because of an opening mistake and could have resigned soon after. By the final postion it was bare kings and I had 4-5 pawns to his/her none. When White determined they couldn’t stop the a-pawn, White resigned – yeah, that’s great but even if he/she could stop that pawn, what about the four others.

    It’s not worth it for me to play a French Def. there as Black anymore. It’s better to try and get an opening I don’t know so well, see something new, it’s not an OTB rating, it’s a “training” rating to me now.

    Polly, bitch away, we only know about whatever you choose to mention.

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