Moved to Colorado

Hardly cemented in here yet. Temporarily staying at my mother’s until I get a place. If there is a tournament here next month on Wednesday’s, I’ll try that out.


9 thoughts on “Moved to Colorado

  1. :-)) Thanks, guys!!

    I may actually get this house, but it is in need of repairs (ie cash).

    I thought about going last night, but it was the end of the month for the tournament. I woke up this morning and my car looks like a mound, under snow that is! Just getting out of here can be tricky, snow and ice and dirt, with a rear-wheel drive Lincoln no less.

    It’s beautiful. The roads, traffic, and drivers however are like AACK! Particularly the roads. Lots of one-way streets and idiocy like that (main streets that zig-zag and stuff), but I like the scenery here. If I get this one place, then I can jump on the highway and avoid most of the city driving.

  2. I’ve been working with someone on a project for the past two weeks. He is set to leave for India next week, so I’ve stuck with this more lately instead of playing chess locally. There is a tournament at the end of this month, standard time controls, I will see about playing then. There is a local club that meets on Wednesdays, haven’t been there yet, although it seems I would be the highest rated one there.

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