Latest game on FICS

I played a game on FICS, yesterday, here is the game. I am simply trying to play more accurately than my opponent, and that is what happened.

In an opposite-side castling against the Sicilian Dragon, I am trying to make a sound attack, but my opponent strikes first. Yes, I figure it’s even easier to refute an attack than to carry out my own from this position, even though I normally throw caution to the wind and play bad chess going for my own attack. But really, what does it matter, I simply need to play better than him/her in some way to win the game.

The time-control was 20/5, IOW 5 seconds was the increment. We both had < 2 minutes by the end of the game.

Once he gave me the overwhelming advantage, the last chance to keep it interesting was on move 34. He could play Qa7, but then I probably play Nd4; not sure after that, Nb5 is threatened, with c4 to back it up, Nc6 even looks semi-attractive if BxN, exB, but sounder seems recapturing with a rook and then perhaps simply N back to b3.

There is a nearby tournament in Manitou Springs the beginning of next month. 5 rounds at standard time controls. It's close and it's unusual to even have a tournament at standard time-controls nearby. 5 rounds will be a lot (that 2nd day may be tough), but I will try. Also, next month I will try my hand at this monthly/wednesdays meeting, club I guess you could say, see if some 1200 level player can kick my butt for all my trash-talk on these blogs. hehe.


6 thoughts on “Latest game on FICS

  1. First its good to hear from you hope all is well,have you moved yet.

    Great work with the knights to win the exchange and also being pawns up.
    Black always looked threatening with both bishops lined up against your king and the rook and queen also,but i think thats all it was “looked threatening”.

    Great play with the knights it kept his attack at bay,when you went a piece up it was always going to be difficult for your opponent.
    Even without that extra piece the pawn advantage would have told in the end.

    Thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. Hi, Chessx!

    I’ve been in Colorado for close to a month now. I’ve had a lot of hurdles in trying to purchase this property, so I still haven’t done it yet. Home prices are amazingly low, but then come to find out that getting a home loan is not so easy even for a dirt-cheap priced place. I could probably buy a car for the same price and get approved, but a home-loan is like 10x harder, apparently.

    I realize how much of chess is an endurance contest. Yesterday played 3 games on FICS at standard – 15 0 or slower.

    First game won in minutes. Second game I was already tired, blundered and lost on time in a very drawable or winnable position, given his rating.

    Third game I was really chess blind, dropped a bishop and rook but still won because I was more skilled in the endgame, there is more a flash of brilliance in that game than the previous two.

    For some reason, I still half expect people to resign when losing, so I stop paying attention and blunder a rook or something, but my position is so strong that I can still play for a draw. I could have beaten myself or even played stronger, but these players are not so strong and they don’t care about draws or losing, they just want a free lesson, I suppose.

    I realized I need 20/5, as 15/5 is too fast if I am tired.

  3. I think that exchange sac (if it was sac) wasn’t correct and the bishops, as chessx rightly noticed, just looked threatening, so with your accurate play it became a matter of technique which you have.

  4. Hey Linux Guy!

    I hope the house thing works out. Colorado is a great great state! I have been there quite a bit the past few years on tour and I love it!!

    I agree with you that Chess is an endurance test. That is why during the school year when I am busy I can’t even think about doing a 2 day tournament.

    Have a good weekend!

  5. Coming up next week, beginning of March, I am going to put a lot of chess on my plate. There is a Wednesday’s and Thursday’s event, plus a 5 rounder March 6,7 – that’s 7 rounds of chess in < a week!

    Tommy, you are right, it's beautiful here in Colorado Springs, not exactly a jobs mecca, quite the contrast, but perhaps surviveable and eventually move to Denver.

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