If anyone wants to do my “chess homework” for me. Try to describe for me why Crafty says that Black is up a -1.00 score when White is up 3 pawns. That is like saying White needs 4 more pawns here to be equal, not just 3 more pawns than black.

Move 29. White to move and is down -1.00 score according to Crafty

The game

Most of this game was modeled after a game I lost in time-pressure as White.

It’s remarkable how effortlessly that Black can win from this position. White is up a lot of material and yet it’s hopeless, even the 3 pawns for bishop is.

It’s okay, I figured out why, it’s just hard to believe. If this doesn’t impart the value of initiative to someone, I’m not sure what will.

1837 FICS rating. Maybe I can make an improvement in my OTB rating now.


4 thoughts on “Unfathomable

  1. Initiative is tough to see in the game sometimes. (okay for quite a lot of times) but when I do see it is when I win!! Sometimes initiative can even overcome not playing the “best” move (not bad moves!)

    I have sparring against the engine Junior and that has really helped me. It is an engine that speculates and goes for broke a lot of the times. I really feel that I learned something from playing against it. It has made games by Thcigorin make a little more sense.

  2. At move 29 white is a knight and 3 pawns up,thats 3 passed connected pawns.
    But whites position quickly falls apart,even if whites king can hide the h pawn will go and blacks advantage gets greater.

    But if i was playing as white i would feel i had a good chance of a win on move 29.
    Perhaps not play Bxd4,but get the rook into play.

    Thats what seperates the much better players from the likes of me,they can see where the “Initiative” lies in almost any position.
    As i fall into the same group as Tommyg i only see it when i already have won it.
    Not how to win it.

  3. Great point, Rollingpawns!!

    Tommy, initiative is such an interesting thing. I was going over a game I played today as White. Black had 2 knights for a rook and pawn. this 1960 player or so on FICS, but I would have had a big advantage. So I wasted three moves and then Black finally had the advantage.

    The thing was, he attacked off the bat but didn’t finish development. It didn’t matter that he was slightly up material as way down in initiative, but give him a few moves, and his material suddenly matters again. I didn’t notice this though and lost the game tactically.

    ChessX, after you mentioned getting the king to safety I looked for that, but it’s never to any avail as the mate and double-attack threats are one after the other. White has to eventually play Rd1, after trading on d4, and accept 3 pawns for the bishop, but even that doesn’t last for long.

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