April club game

I won a quick game as White against the guy that drew me at Manitou Springs. He’s a really nice guy and was tired from the day. I showed up late because I had trouble finding the place driving from a different direction, so he was nice enough to play. His rating is about 1595, and he is the TD.

After the game, he showed some better moves that he could have played but for some reason didn’t. He resigned prematurely, but I could tell that I was a lot more fresh than him, although his analysis was pretty good still; it happens that way sometimes.

I was looking at Bg5 in the final position, although another guy suggested Bf4, which is probably sounder. I told them both that I still believed in the Bg5 piece sac and would have given it a hard look even though we did give it a look with ..Kf7 soon following. Crafty actually liked Bg5 a bit better than Bf4, imagine that. He actually resigned before I played Nd5 because he thought Qc7 was winning a piece, and I told him it wasn’t and that he should play on, but Qc7 was actually +4.0 ish by Crafty because it does setup threats on the king leading to winning that rook, how ironic is that.

This Bc4 with c3 against the Sic Dragon, it was really prepared for the Classical Dragon playing kid that I lost to the last time, didn’t realize it would be getting double-duty.

Current rating: 1765 -> 1773


3 thoughts on “April club game

  1. Rollingpawns, I think it was pretty much over after Bxf as well. I told him after the game that he should have played …e6 to prevent it and then he can play …Ne7 if he wants, or the Nh6 that he liked.

    I was fortunate to get him as an opponent since swiss-system pairs highest vs. lowest so I would have gotten some 1100 level player or something like that. The Expert had won his game in no time flat. The swiss-system is rather silly in that regard, IMO. It’s great if you are the lower-rated player, though. I mean, I’d have to beat this guy like 3 1/2 times to make up for blundering a win into a loss against that 1300 level player when I had that weird sinus cold and was stressed out over personal matters. You probably lost some absurdly low number of rating points against that Expert-near-Master, 2 maybe 3 points, plus you almost won it.

  2. Good game,moves like Bxf7+ are always a bit of a shock to many players.
    Even if you more or less know wheather it is good or bad from experience.
    Sometimes the surprise element is worth an extra pawn.

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