90-move draw

This isn’t one of my better games, and I noticed that I had blundered the exchange right away, but this shows why technique is still so important. All of our previous discussions on knight against rook is a draw stuff. 😉

In the game, I was setting up for a cheapo, which I knew he could thwart. If he hadn’t played Qg4 when he did, I was looking at Nd5 sham-sac for the possible win.

BTW, the time control was luckily 10/15 or 10min+15sec increment, which luckily allows for this sort of position to be played out – which is rather unusual for my average game on FICS. 🙂 Incidentally, we both had 3 1/2 minutes left at the end of the game, and on a couple moves I did let the clock go to under 10 seconds. I guess what I am saying is that it doesn’t take an eternity to play this type of position out, it is doable, but it does take some time. So 60 moves of technique at 15 seconds per move is actually 15 minutes of time!

In contrast, before this game I played a guy around 1897 at 15 0. At 3:35 to his 12:00 minutes, I realized I was going to lose on time, cut my analysis short, and immediately blundered a piece. Had I examined the most forcing moves instead of a fantasy attack which wouldn’t work (but I didn’t play anyways, simply made “a move”), I was actually up 1/2 a point by Crafty’s estimate by simply playing NxN followed by Be4, trading his fianchettoed King’s bishop (and you know how much they hate to see that happen). so I had “solved” his English opening, which I and probably most players as Black rarely face on FICS, but lost the battle on the clock. This is the “power” of these awkward openings is that it strains you on the clock and is unfamiliar, it’s not that they are super-hot chessplayers always, IMHO.

Incidentally, I watched two Experts at blitz play a 3/0 game before this and it was atrocious, IMHO, on many separate moves (English opening, again). I’m not as impressed with blitz ratings as I was before watching that.


3 thoughts on “90-move draw

  1. I think you let him go too easily after the opening, his king didn’t look good.
    In the endgame you put up a good fight and deserved a draw.
    Frankly, I wouldn’t give too much value to blitz/standard online games. I do not remember any of them at all and I think they only help with trying openings, even Anand played blitz with Carlsen before the match in Sofia to try new positions. I am disappointed with correspondence game too, same thing, you do not remember the game, quality is not high, etc. Only in OTB game your opening goes through serious check, you have plans, calculate lines, etc.

  2. Rollingpawns, you are right about games on FICS not being as of critical value, but other than I guess reconnoitering other people’s treatments of openings through blitz play, it’s still not something that you can trust.

    For example, this Scotch variation, it’s one of those “Steinitz kingwalk” examples. Believe it or not, Black has the advantage after his move in this game of …Kf8! It really lives up to the Steinitz addage of “any showy combination that is unsound fills me with horror!”

    The problem with these sort of ideas is that they are “fun” on FICS, give you plenty of attacking/tactical shots, but aren’t really “legit” variations to be played at standard tournament time controls other than for “shock and clock” value.

    BTW, in the game above, we both dropped a rook in our time pressure.

  3. BTW, I think I’ve finally found the “$100 idea” for “breaking the Bird”.

    Essentially, I played “Monte Cassino” analysis against Crafty and after losing about 30 games, finally stumbled on the right idea to counter his opening formation, just threw it out there and it worked. Crazy positions you get out of the Bird, but I have learned the thematic idea for Black, but it still gets tactically complicated.

    One reason it was so hard is that even his opening treatment of the Bird is unique, it virtually does not exist in opening encyclopedias, or at least none of the four plus one monograph that I was looking at that glosses over it.

    I find it incredibly difficult to play against an opening like the bird, and in particular his variation, because there are so many ways that White can win positionally, it’s almost unbelievable all the holes. If you don’t know the idea and don’t know what to play, best is a solid formation and then sit tight in the center, let White initiate.

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