Wednesday’s Round 3 game

In the game, I only survived for the draw out of the kindness of her heart.

The position was basically equal for the entire game. We were both late, so both lost 5 minutes of time to start, actually she arrived another 10 minutes after that. I looked at a lot of lines before castling, spent 12 minutes there, but then correctly guessed her next two moves in any event, a move where I almost castled right off the bat anway.

By move 20, I had 21 minutes left (used to get down to 9 minutes), but I kept being casual about it except at the very end, and had 6 minutes left when she accepted my draw offer on move 31 – she had 27 minutes left, but I noticed her hesitate on her 31st move so asked her for a draw.

If this had been the old Chess Pal8ce time-controls of 30/90 G/30, I most likely win this game, but as it was probably should have lost another equal position on time.

On move 30, she blunders with Bg4?? But I thought to myself “I don’t have time to figure out the implications of this move, but I’m not going to sac my rook on e3 unless I double on that file first.” Realistically, had I noticed 31.Rxe! (really only noticed her move enough to write it down), I still didn’t have enough time to calculate the ensuing complications with just 6 minutes left. I blew this game on the clock, and needed more time to finish it. It was an interesting opening, hadn’t tried this line before, OTB. Even with …BxNc3 though, I was trying to bail-out with a draw because of my clock. Not that I wasn’t very happy to get a draw as Black against an equally rated opponent, I was.

I wasn’t expecting such a positional game from her because she normally has a very tactical style, also I hadn’t played her before. After the game she said that it doesn’t normally happen where there is nothing left in the position for her (as White), so that made me happy that I held. She figured that she should have traded BxN, we both agreed. I thought White had an endgame advantage had we traded, but it was so marginal in a way in terms of practical chances.

I was actually expecting Qb6 (Crafty’s move) instead of Bg4, and then trading queens. IOW, in time-pressure, there is no time to adjust to something that I hadn’t thought out during her move, unless it’s like a straight-up fork or clear blunder.

I had considered that combination much earlier, back when the bishop was on g2, and it wasn’t loose then. Actually, with her 30 minutes left, she probably just skirts that combo with Qb4, rook back to …e8, and White’s q-side pressure against the backward pawn is more than enough to hammer out another clock-win from an inferior position. hehe.


5 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Round 3 game

  1. I agree that the game was about equal all the time. I don’t like you having 6 minutes left after 30 moves. I see some progress, but still, why you have to spend 1 hour on positional opening + few more moves, please, work on it. Me ( and Fritz ) wouldn’t give ?? to Bg4, Fritz doesn’t give even ?, just -0.84 if after Rxe3 White doesn’t take on e3, and -1.2 if she does, then Ne4, Qxg3+ and Qxg4, yeah.
    Funny, that Fritz after 31. Qb4 offers 31…g5 32. hxg5 Kg6 33. Kg2 Kxg5 with -0.2.

  2. Is 5. … Qc8 book? Don’t quite understand the point behind this move.

    Another question: Where did you sign up on ChessFlash so that you could post your games? As a fellow WordPress user who can’t use ChessFlash on my blog site, I would very much like to do the same.

  3. Rollingpawns, I agree with you wholeheartedly. On the one hand, she moved fast (and usually left the table, ate dinner, talked to her bf or watched Isac’s game, not sure if he is her son or related – which probably distracted her and helped me), OTH, even though my last opponent was a slowpoke like me, that was no excuse not to make the adjustment back.

    Started with 80 minutes (normally 85 with 5 second delay), I had 77 minutes after my first 8 minutes, but then I get lost in the “perfect game” dreamland after that. Don’t know why I am still doing that. grrr.

    I really did look at a bunch of lines that didn’t work, trying to save my Bg3 from his knight (get B to e4), or looking at Bh3, but in the end I even realized I had wasted time because simply NxB and Bg2, which she played. It’s like, after the move I realize how dumb it was. Need to save that time for genuine complications that are decisive.

    If …Rxe3 and White takes back, then Black wins by force, but if White simply decides to give up the pawn, then it’s not at all easy to convert and would require a good 10 minutes to play out, but really I should save a lot more than that. Black being up one pawn in that position with not a lot of time is too close cut.

    Qc8 is “book” so to speak, Chunkyrook, but I was playing it simply to see what happens next. hehe. I was more worried about an f3, e4 push, but like most Q-pawn players she conducted an attack on the queenside and got just a little bit sloppy to allow trades – a5 with Na4 I had figured on. Actually, the e-pawn push Black should be able to handle that too just in time.

    Yeah, the games are on the chessflash site, so you sign up and post them there. It’s a little tricky to figure out how to post them there at first. As far as this site, I am only using a standard HTML link that links it to the game which is on the chessflash site. I noticed you asked about this on your blog, probably should have answered but I guess I was distracted by something else.

    There was one cool moment in the game for me. I had been looking at …a5 a couple times, then visualized that it drops the Nb6. Wasn’t even blunder-checking, simply visualized the blunder. Same thing with the d5 pawn, realized I need to play …Nb6 to save it. So, I was visualizing immediate tactics okay and that is what usually does a class-player in, not the far-fetched stuff.

    Chunkyrook, forgot to answer the rest of your question, the point of …Qc8 is that it allowed Black to get it’s bishop out to f5. The b6 pawn is then undefended. …b6 is a hackneyed and very well known way to lose a game against a Bg5 (which is not the case here), because of Bb5 and Qa4 – after cxd…exd. hehe. White usually jumps a Ne5 in, which would add another attacker to d7. It usually doesn’t turn out great for Black to weaken the c6 square like that on an open file.

    The only way to exploit the Qc8 was with the rook on c1, then e4…dxe, d5 to exploit the pin on the c-file, but Black seems to have enough time to step out of it with Qd7. Frequently the positional stuff seems to eat up more time because it’s a lot more “what if” thinking that tactics are. Quite a bit of the analysis never gets played out as well, unlike with direct tactics where all of the analysis is relevant.

  4. Oh, b7, of course. Silly me.

    Another perhaps silly question: Where exactly do you sign up for the ChessFlash site? I can’t for the life of me find a “register new account” link… only links for requesting a new password… : /

  5. Chunkyrook, you’ll have to ask their webmaster, the email is at the bottom. I believe it used to be the ‘get started now’ link which looks different now, some sort of quick publish thing, so I dunno how anyone would get a new account now.

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