Last Round

With this game, I took 2nd place in the Wednesday tournament with a score of 4/5, no losses.

We went over the game and I showed him how I thought he should have handled the middlegame, tried for a win, and also showed him the tactics I was looking at.

There is a G/60 3 round tournament this Saturday. I am not planning on playing. It’s a downer after a while when people do drive-by’s of my blog and suggest I should have lost on time. Yes, some of my games have been subject to altercations over time, but it’s a downer because I know it’s going to happen, simply don’t want to hear the comments anymore about those particular games.

People do play for time, they all do in my experience, and at this time-control that becomes even more exaggerated. My opponent’s blunder in this game was because as he said he got lazy playing in my time-pressure. I had nearly 5 minutes left at the end of this game. Marc, the tournament winner, finished his game where he was up a pieced with just over 2 minutes left. It’s terrible, I even wondered if he’d blow it on time, but this tournament showed that it was the person who went down on time the most that pulled it out.

I think this result should pull my rating up from 1755 to about 1770. It’s odd that the one game I lost all month is the one I really should have had, forced win, simply ran out of gas, and perhaps confidence dipped at that moment as well. The fact that I am familiar with most openings that I play has been helping me a lot. If I am fresh on tactics, they don’t take too long to find, so I don’t get stumped as much as I do with openings problems.


2 thoughts on “Last Round

  1. I don’t think he had much of a chance.
    Why random comments should define, if you play in the tournament or not?The format is tough, though, and I myself would think twice.

  2. Rolling pawns, I guess you are right, people are entitled to their opinions, I just wish they would make a comment about the chess game as well, or it makes it seem like the game was not legitimate, only the clock was. Probably, that is just me taking exception though, because maybe they don’t see better moves to suggest (or don’t want to say nice game for one side or the other).

    I showed my opponent all of the combos I was looking at, ways for him to try and avoid, etc. What I didn’t do is make two minor corrections to his game in the opening (only one move was a mistake though, Bb4, he should wait until I play Nc3 to pin it against the queen). I finally decided I don’t want to give my opponents an edge in the opening, by telling them what moves to make – although I did suggest middlegame moves.

    Oh, I’m sure there would be some time-grievances at G/60 just because I am not used to that time and my opponents, once they sense that, will probably all try and blitz me best they can. Really, all I have to do is cut out the 20 minute thinks. I had two of them in this game, one was needless (Ne2), the other actually took a long time to come up with h2-h4-h5. In a “blitz” game, I would have played Nh5 instead of that latter idea.

    In the game, there are some sort of non-threats that White might be tempted by such as Nf6+…Kh8 diffuses it. h7, wow I think my h-pawn idea was better than Crafty’s Rc1 – my opponent liked it, too – is the weak square. Crafty showed me a way to get that threat in. Nc6…NxN, Qc2 (pinning the knight to the rook, and using his knight as a shield to get in the Qh7+, which should lead to mate within 10 moves).

    The Nh5 idea was perhaps not bad, but Black may try …Kh8 followed by ..Ng8 (my own suggestion) to cover the f6 square, and it opens the diagonal for his queen.

    Rollingpawns, thanks for your comments, I appreciate them. 🙂 I don’t think G/60 is really my game, either. IMHO G/60 is best for B players and below who want to get some game experience in. Actually, I simply probably won’t be able to maintain a high-energy level during those hours. My goal would be to get at least 2.5/3, which implies really being up for it physically.

    This tournament pulled my rating up to 1782! 😀

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