Wednesday Round 1

I got there a couple minutes late, so got paired with the TD in this game as White.

Both of us started out too fast (me for obvious reasons, since time is a big problem of mine).

He accidentally plays …Nf6 before …Bb7, so I am able to chase his knight, but then drops it with …d6. However, here he begins to play well, and before me appears the unexpected Nbc6. I knew that I wasn’t seeing everything, but decided to play d6 quickly anyway. It’s only by luck that it should have turned out well – as he had ..Bf5! – instead of …Nc2, which hands over the knight for a mere pawn. So he could have got me to play Kd2 and such, but it would have been +2 for White. Instead of d6, a3 wins cleanly for White as …Nb4-a6 would result in QxNc6+…Bd7, Qe4, a clean piece up without any messes.

At this point, I don’t play exact. Qe2 instead of Ne2 was better, and my gut was telling me that, but I wanted to leave open the Qa4+. A few moves later I do play Qa4+ to peel off his bishop from g4, but then realized it was better for me to let it stay on g4, because my #1 fear/concern at this point was “What if he simply doesn’t castle and starts a pawn-roller against my kingside, kicking my pieces and getting in his queen, rook and some minors (bishop on g4 would be blocking his pawnroller). Instead he played …e6, after which I was greatly relieved that he blocked that off for the moment to play in the center instead.

The rest of the game almost played itself, particularly after he let his bishop on a4 go. So really, I played it too fast then in the beginning, almost letting him back into the game after his costly blunder. For all our quick play, this game was still the last one done, although he had nearly 35 minutes left to my 50.


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Round 1

  1. The guy played pretty poor in the opening and actually later too, it looks like a game on FICS. I saw this a6, didn’t see Bf5, still you are clearly better after it. I hope today you get more interesting opponent :).

  2. Yeah. I’m hoping that it’s a nice turnout this month regardless of who I get in the first round. Again, I am left hoping that the tournament in Denver this weekend doesn’t detract from the club turnout on Thursdays. I thought about playing this weekend, but can’t see it now as I am not awake that early – if it were closer, I would surely go.

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