Thursday Round 1 – December

I played Ken for the second time, this time as Black. The opening to this game started out as a K.I.D. vs a London System. I don’t believe that I have ever played this opening online before, perhaps once back when I was a Class D player and had no clue anyway. Anyway, it just seemed like the right thing to do since I don’t face …Bf4 often, and the ..d5 stuff always seems to be a boring struggle for Black.

Playing this opening, I am so glad that I did. It showed me that I am not analyzing deep enough. I saw Crafty’s tries for Black that have big advantages, but I didn’t evaluate deep enough or came to incorrect conclusions. This is where I need to improve, analyzing deeper before coming to an evaluation. It is tough at G/90 because one ends up looking at lots of moves before even considering any one move, and then you wonder if you are just imagining it and usually Crafty shows that I wasn’t. So, lots of good stuff analysis going on behind the scenes. Naturally, I played the more passive moves as I did not analyze the more active moves correctly and had to look them off.

I did get into time-trouble and had 2 1/2 minutes at the end of the game. The only thing I can say to make that not seem too bad is that I looked over Mark and Alex’s game (the guy who beat me on time last night) and Mark had 13 seconds left with a queen and bishop to Alex’s bare king. Mark put his bishop in a corner, Alex ran his king into the other corner and just like last night exclaimed something – “Stalemate!” though not quite as loud this time. hehe. Just shoot me now. Yet he can at least say that unlike my game he responsibly garnered the half-point. hehe. What was the first thing we talked about after the game, you got it, openings! Actually, in that game Alex sacked a piece for 3 pawns just to be creative, but it was bad (yes, it sure did look like a human wave of a pawn chain) bishop, queen and 2 pawns vs. queen and 5 pawns – I told him he needed another piece to be able to do that.

What was interesting about their game was that they played the exact same opening! KID vs. London System, except in their game instead of White playing exd, Alex as White played cxd and it was a much more solid looking game than the enterprising, hair-rasing game that I had with Kenneth.

I was definitely thinking about that saying “the only thing exciting about a soccer match is the score.” to myself as if it were a mantra. I did not want to lose after last night, nor do something pathetic at the end, and that worked out for me. Ideally, I would try to analyze deeper at 40/2, G/1, but at this time-control one has to make due with the realities of it.

It’s easy to write it off, “Monday morning quaterback” style and say “rookie mistake” dropping an exchange and a fork, but the openings from these games against lower Class players can provide great material for analysis and a self-improvement check.

This weekend I am going to play at Manitou 2 days, 4 rounds. Time-controls are 40/2, followed by G/1. I would have preferred the tournament be last weekend, but it is always that way, next big, normal tournament like that isn’t until March. I signed up for the ‘Open’ section. There is also an U1400, and an U1800 section, so this is practically a once in a lifetime opportunity for me to play up, not be in one giant Swiss-style section or with faster time-controls.


2 thoughts on “Thursday Round 1 – December

  1. This opening looks almost like Colle to me. I played this online with Black a few times, exactly the same way as you – d6, g6, Bg7, c5 and e5. It kind of makes it “normal” position :). OK, it’s good that you are finding some positive value in this beating :).
    For me pretty much one way game, poor patzer.
    It’s great that you are playing in the tournament and brave decision to play in Open.
    I played yesterday, in the equal queen endgame like Houdini got myself in the box – pretty much lost position, then escaped with a draw. Will try to post today.

  2. RollingPawns, I have to admit that seeing one of your games made me inspired to play this K.I.D against it. 🙂 Yep, it is like a Colle except that e4 move doesn’t strike me as the point as much as something like f4. In both games yesterday Be2 was played.

    Looking back on that game it does look like another beat-down on a patzer. hehe.

    The shots that Black has in that game are Kasparovian. Even …e5 does not need to be prepared by ..Re8 as Black can get a big advantage with sacking it for piece-play tactics leading to getting material back plus interest.

    When White played Qd2, I did see and ..e4 followed by ..Bf5, but was too worried about Re1xBf5..g6xR wrecking my kingside pawns, but actually that is like +2 for Black. There is even a ..Nh5, g4 then …Bxh3 will happen to connect the rooks, gxNh5..Rad8, Qe2 Bxc3 and now White will lose an exchange on either a1 or f1 and Black’s pawns, very important, give an edge and Black can work to queen a queenside pawn as well.

    Chess really comes down to how much work that one puts into a move, i.e. not lazy and impulsive. It really shows in a game like this because I am outworking my opponent a little on each move, or he is simply blundering here and there, however you prefer to look at it.

    …Nd5 was the only real shot I came up with in this game, but it had been sitting there and Crafty was wanting me to play it on previous moves.

    Conversely, when I played …Ne5 earlier in the game, that was the one move I made where I knew it was just bad, but my opponent let out a sigh of boredom so I just played it. I simply didn’t know what to do but should have played …Be6. As it was, my move merely developed his bishop and should have lead to a queen trade on b3 instead of his blunder.

    It was a complete nothing move of mine because I knew he would practically gain a tempo with Nc4. Really, I just made an entire pass on the question of what to do there, rather shameful but did it in the interest of the clock, which usually isn’t a good reason to make a move.

    RollingPawns, it will be interesting to see your draw. I imagine that if I play well tomorrow and Sunday that there will be a few draws. I am not used to people playing good chess against me OTB, but the extra 30 minutes will help to cushion that blow. 😉

    Actually, I imagine that there will be drawing opportunities but close games are the most stressful, it’s easy to throw a draw away with one move, then come home and it begins to look like an obvious mistake. hehe.

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