Positional play against the Sicilian Defense

C3, or the Alapin variation, is a nice way for White to play against the Sicilian Def. In the Open Sicilian, the positional nuances are more or less all known by Najdorf players, for example, or at least those who crack a book open on openings once in a while – and thus it becomes more about deep tactical nuances that are difficult to perceive at the Class-level.

I won a game this morning using the C3 Sicilian, as White (much like the snow that covers my yard). I’m sure the game was even at some point, but I should have played it both better OTB at G/90, and worse at blitz, so it’s all relative.

In other tournament news, I thought it funny that Gene, the guy I’ve beaten the four times I have played him, beat the 1800 level player (who gets into time pressure a lot) that I never got a chance to play; meanwhile, my OTB rating dropped down to 1735 for those two time-management lapses (which were more than just a lapse). I mention that, but the rating doesn’t mean much to me other than to say, yeah someday it will probably reach 2000, assuming.

Here is another positional win, this time in the Alekhine’s defense. Back when I used to play Alekhine’s defense, I quickly learned that Black needs to play ..a5 in the ..cxd variation, to avoid getting constricted on the queenside. It’s amusing how effective that a small piece of positional knowledge can prove to be.


9 thoughts on “Positional play against the Sicilian Defense

  1. A good positional win in Sicilian, I liked how you positioned the pieces.
    Will look at Alekhine too.
    Happy New Year!

  2. Rollingpawns, thanks. πŸ™‚

    The opening lends itself to it, and some of those ideas came from Lane’s book before I tossed it into the fire – still have two other C3 Sicilian books. A lot of self-congratulatory sort of wins in that book (much as mine was), but the Na3-c4 book idea was from that book as was Lane’s note that trading queens is strong for White (which Crafty also found).

    We both made some errors of execution in that game, he even hung his a6 pawn, and my Re1 hung a pawn, but only because it was a poor move order on my part, not bad moves. Lots of other stuff to look at, and I played it very poorly at the end, only he played more poorly. I should have pushed c6 instead of that last hair-brained knight maneuver which only accomplishes equality. Actually, I wanted to play c6 and spend more time on it, but such is the clock at G/15.

  3. That queenside play in Alekhine game looks good. His sac on c5 was of course a mistake.
    Very impressive Karpov’s game. Both sacs completely non-obvious.

  4. I played tonight, got one 1700+ guy, you would never imagine what he played.
    Damiano defense! The result as expected, will publish tomorrow.

  5. Hey Linux Guy!

    I started reading another game collection. (I finished the Fischer-Spassky match—good book but that match is somewhat overrated….the later games were boring draw after draw!!)

    I started Victor Bologan’s Selected Games Collection.

    Great annotations! Lot’s of biographical prose. It is already one of the best games collections I have dug into!

    Hope you are well!

    Oh and I had another successful game on FICS the other night. I was losing to a person rated 200 points higher than me. The game was his but I think I frustrated him by not resigning right away (he was up a piece and a pawn) and he started rushing to get a checkmate. I managed to get both of my rooks on his 7th rank, he THOUGHT he had a mate in one BUT I started putting him in check and got a draw due to repetition of position rule. I just kept on checking him!

    At first I felt guilty for not resigning but then I thought heck he is 200 points higher than me…he should have to prove that he can put me away!! So I was very happy to have swindled a draw out of that one.

  6. In that match, I think Spassky repeated his openings too much, particularly since it was Queen’s Gambit type stuff.

    I think that’s great that you drew that game.

    You’ve caught me at a bad moment regarding FICS, however. I just played some guy under 1700, was winning but was okay with a draw all along, but it was 15/0, so he just kept checking me in a drawn position, making no progress, and won on time, barely avoiding my 3-fold (about 15 moves of that nonsense, 75 move game). I won’t play 15/0 anymore, too many a-holes getting rating points that they don’t deserve by said means. Have had this happen to me way too many times over the thousands of games. It’s no coincidence that I lose a lot of 90+ move games on time in drawn positions, at 15/0.

  7. I won’t even play anymore unless it is at least G/25 with a 5 sec. increment.

    The game I mentioned above was a G/30 I think. In fact I don’t even look at the open seeks anymore, I just create my own seek at G/30 or above and wait to see if someone accepts. If someone doesn’t accept in 5-10 minutes I just log off and go play an engine with the strength dialed down a bit. I would rather play a good engine with some semblance of style (Junior, Hiarcs or Shredder) at G/30 than play on the internet at anything less than G/25. The three engines I mentioned actually all play very differently and the games can be pretty interesting (plus even at lower strength they still punish my tactical mistakes!!)

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