Boredom wins

In this game as White, I played a new opponent, little kid of Indian descent named Sai.

After the game yesterday, I was a shell of my former self today and really shouldn’t play on Thursdays. I spent an hour on this game. My opponent was so bored with waiting between moves that he resigned before any coup de grace had been administered. I probably shouldn’t even annotate it. hehe.

I told him that he should have played …Kg8 instead of resigning and went over the game with him afterward. I felt sorry for him because his mom was there, so I said he played well, which he did, except for the resigning needlessly. He asked for a draw a couple of times and I declined. He got an interesting post-game analysis from me and Gene, but he wanted to know where he went wrong and I could only offer general pointers in regard to the game.

To be honest, I got stuck in one of those “idiot” variations, on my part, and didn’t want the game to get ugly for myself. He suggested that I play Nbd2 instead of Be2. This is one of those times I wish I could just give the kid a draw so that he would know that he is on the right track, but I really can’t or I’ll get paired down in the next round. I care more about the pairing than I do my own rating points.

After the game, I figured that at least I could perhaps get Nf5 in there to achieve a static advantage, but it was Gene (1600ish now, a steady point gainer except for his losses to me) who pointed out to me White’s winning strategy to me with no hesitation, f4, then …exf4 is forced, so Nxf4. Then, I figured Ne6 and it does win in many variations, no need even to play BxN first, which can also win we figured.

To counterbalance this game, I will show a quintessential game on FICS that I just played. Is there a purpose to this game? Yes, I wanted to see where this pawn sac lead to, should I accidentally ever play it OTB (and to stretch out the tactical muscles). I make a bad piece sac, and probably your average 1200 player would win as White from this position. But, I quickly pull off some tactics thanks to my opponents poor defensive play and score a win…with plenty of time on the clock remaining! lol.


6 thoughts on “Boredom wins

  1. Indeed a premature resignation. Still i have two questions.

    On move six you play Be2, rather strange since its the second time you play with that bishop. What did you have against 6. Nbd2 other then it doesn’t break the pin of Bg4?

    Second question is more wondering then question. Isn’t 6. … Nxe2 better for black then the played swap of knight and bishop on f3?

  2. Now that I look at this game again, my idea of Nf5 or Nh5 should win, as I figured I could probably play NxB and win the h6 pawn, and that did work against Crafty.

    This is why it doesn’t really work to pit a kid against a middle-aged adult. I took a lot of time and he probably could have blitzed it, so he was constantly getting out of his chair coming back to see if I had moved sort of thing. He told me that he couldn’t maintain his focus with the wait.

    The move that took me the most time was 5.d5 because it makes the bishop bad and not doing much there. I correctly figured that 5.c3 would be the #1 choice, but the problem here is that this is a different opening than the Scotch, even Crafty isn’t going to play a positional opening like this too well, and one really should be looking at a database of games on it before venturing out.

    In any case, this is an edge-case variation of the Scotch that I got into it and hadn’t seen it much. He should have played NxBe2 yes, but I can tell you that in the days of Morphy/Andersson, this is how they played it, they played d5 making the bishop bad, and then Be2 to relieve the pin and trading it would now be more desireable, but that is choice #3 in Crafty’s DB. h3 is choice #2 and a good move for White.

    The problem I saw with Nbd2 was after …Nf6 I’d have to play Bd3 anyway, and actually Crafty liked h3, but Bd3 seems best at this point. h3 would lead to ..Bh5.

    Another possiblity with Nbd2, and I am thinking practical now, is that he plays ..Qf6 and trades three pieces on f3, giving me doubled pawns there and improved drawing chances for Black, although it’s still a game.

    When I first played Bc4, I flippantly thought that there might be a Bxf7+, but then remembered that Bxf7+..KxB, Ng5+ is refuted by QxNg5 when Black will be up a piece after the queens come off, and there is no compensating position for White.

    This game only deserved one comment next to the moves, and that would be that I did not see that after 5.h3 Bxf3, 6.Qxf3 Nf6, 7.d5 Nd4 is no longer good due to 8.Qd3 because of 8…c6, and now the variations give White a 1+ advantage (Black is eyeing ..b5 to exchange Bishop for knight else his knight on d4 is trapped after c3, but pawn exchanges pawn x bishop, pawn x knight favor White, as does simply exchanging pawns on c6). This is what I did not look deep enough to see. A little kid opponent is not going to understand that it is important to look that deeply, that that is chess. I may have even played this line more than once before as White (via transposition) with opponents playing ..Ne7 (..Nb8 is also possible), then I usually play Bg5. When I put into notes like this I can specify how much of a line I saw. If I leave it as a comment, I look clueless as if only the engine saw it, and this blog is part self-documenting as to what I saw. Perhaps why this blog doesn’t have a broader appeal, it’s too much about me and not simply the chess of an anonymous 1735 player.

  3. I would rather shoot myself than accept a draw from 1000+ player.
    I would hesitate to give up my bishop and probably would play differently this line, but it’s me. He did right that resigned, you would beat him anyway, so he just saved the time and trouble for himself (and you). 🙂

  4. ROFL!

    Put down the gun, RollingPawns, I don’t think we are going to lose games to a 1000-rated player any time soon. 😀

    I believe you are right that it was simply a matter of time, as he was planning on playing ..h5 as I applied more pressure to the pin. He felt firmly that it was playable, and I told him that I didn’t think it was. I am pretty sure he would have fallen apart tactically at some point.

    I didn’t want to play the c3 line because it leads to castling 0-0 with that doubled f-pawn, playable but one should know the positional nuances there, IMO. Probably I could have traded all three pieces and still found tactical shots. I was freaking out more over the fact that he said he had beaten Isaac in a game, so I didn’t know whether to think he could be some prodigy or whatnot. Nope, he’s just another player like the rest of us.

  5. I was pretty surprised about poor development of your opponent in the fics game. I mean did his queens bishop and rook ever get any play? And he could afford such a luxurious moves as h3?! I wonder if it was the sacrifice that made him believe he could afford bad play. Okay: he had the pawn center somewhere there but your piece development is always close to equal. Also his project to exchange queens seems dubious as your anwers are not THAT hard to find that he couldn’t have figured them out. Still very nicely arranged solutions for the problems he posed.

  6. FICS play is not OTB play and is frequently horrible, that was my point. Online ratings and OTB do not translate other than to say one is a Class A player at G/5 or G/15 online, which doesn’t mean the same thing as G/90 OTB. Even OTB, G/30 does not equal G/90 but people act like it does because it counts the same.

    Some players can do well at both G/30 and G/90. For example, Anthea is somewhat of a phenom, she can just play anything and not know it, and win, but even she can get into time-trouble (just not as much as many others) and out-booked by a book player. She is an intuitive player, not a calculator, a naturally sharp mind for chess, savant-like a bit in complications. But if you aren’t bringing that game in the first place, then the discussion on fast-chess ratings is not particularly meaningful.

    Just to prove that I am not being a jerk about this, here is a game that I just played this morning.;action=show
    Opponent is rated 2122 at Standard. Would this have happened OTB? I am still waiting for that one.

    Herrahuu, we talked this morning on FICS, so I guess this last part is simply for the blog entry. ;-D

    My favorite part about this game is that immediately afterward, I told Herrahuu that I thought my Nb5 was the wrong plan, mostly did it to spook my opponent a bit. I wanted to play Bd2, Rc1 and c4, and surely would have played this OTB. Crafty preferred Nb5 and that goes nowhere, and c4 is the correct plan, must be prepared, of course.

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