A new beginning

I played Gene for the first time as White in this game. After all the clock shenanigans that I’ve been through lately, I meant business when I showed up for tonight’s game.

Gene is a nice guy and didn’t know how to handle my Scotch opening really. This is also the line I am least familiar with, but that wasn’t really going to matter. After the game, I won a bunch of skittles games against him as I was trying to show him how to improve against the Scotch, after finally getting him to win one in an endgame. I was up for a tough game and really wanted to try out my new no-nonsense clock skills, but that expectation didn’t exactly turn out as I had anticipated. I did, however, manage to have over an hour left on my clock at the end of the game.


6 thoughts on “A new beginning

  1. Yeah, it wasn’t much of a game. You proved his knight sacrifice to be wrong very clearly and then the game was over after 14 moves.
    Keep your attitude regarding the time control. 🙂
    I played with the boy rated same as me (I drew with him recently in Petroff), played the same variation and lost, will post tomorrow.

  2. Do i see a smile on your face? Yeah, that is a smile! What a won game of chess can do to a person! 🙂

    8. … dxe5 Was your opponent playing 1 minute/G while you played 90 minutes/G???

    9. cxd5 game over. Why did your opponent play further? He rather could have nice chess lessons of you instead of playing further in a lost game.

    26. Rd8+ Why oh why? Rd7 is offcourse much better, locks up the black king and you can think of mating threats. Also pawn g7 is under attack now which was your attack point for a few moves after your 26. Rd8+ .

  3. RollingPawns, thanks! Hope I can help with your game, too. 🙂

    Chesstiger, hehe, yes a smile, but more importantly it wiped off the matter-of-fact frown. Before the game I did not shower or shave like I always used to (had half a beard) because I was so tired of something happening with the clock to cause me to lose.

    I was hoping for a stronger game from my opponent. If he had asked to take that knight sac back, I would have let him (nothing to prove against that sort of blunder), but he intentionally played it.

    I think I was happier that I actually finished a game before everyone else, so people had a chance to be happy for me and ask “What opening did you play?”. One guy said he never saw my opponent hang a piece before in the opening like that.

    I didn’t go after the mate or g-pawn since he can play Rf7 and hide his king on h7. After Rd7, it looks as if Black can play ..Rf7, and Crafty just confirmed this; Crafty also prefers Rd8+ by a tiny bit.

    After Qxd5, the only issue left was the clock, which was not an issue, and frankly I am tired of that being an issue. The secret to the clock seems to be to play blitz chess in your mind (even mentally blitz out/conceptualize different strategical issues in endgames), but don’t move the pieces until you’re ready. G/90 isn’t easy, but neither was this game a test of it.

  4. Nice win, especially for online. I saw this coming after Bb2. But it is not Scotch over Ruy, he played 4. … Nxd4 which is wrong giving your Queen a superior position in the center. The same you can get in Ruy, Old Steinitz Defense and I have a score about 80% in it.

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