Do you have one of those openings where you’ve gotten burned so bad that you vowed something like “never again”?

The Vienna is one of those openings for me. I know White is trying to pull a fast-one in the opening, so I respond in kind. Here is a nice one, although he could have prevented it, but that is always the case in chess:

The basic mistake in this game is that White tried to play a hyper-aggressive variation, but then got too casual about things once it didn’t work out.


5 thoughts on “Contempt

  1. I guess the Caro Kann is the opening for me that i would never again want to play against since i burnt my fingers and other parts of my body heavingly. Dont like that opening, dont know why. Guess it need to study it more to even feel a little bit comfortable against it.

    About the game:

    Wow, wow, wow, heavy attack by black. Especially the Nxd3+ move to throw open the position was nicely preformed by you. I probably would have sighed and pulled my hair to find a move that opens up the position. I guess white will think twice before leaving his king in the centre against you again.

  2. hehe. Thanks, Chesstiger!

    That’s how I play against the King’s Gambit, …exf, …d5, Black does well to look for vicious counter-attacks. In this case, the Vienna line that he played, …d5 is even even if White takes with the bishop first, there is a …Nb4 to look for.

    Instead of ..d5, …c6! and then …d5 virtually refutes White’s whole variation out of hand.

    I did well with the Caro-Kahn as Black when I was a 1300 player because it does well against indifferent play by White. I am surprised more people don’t play it.

    I studied the Scandinavian for a few hours yesterday. I can’t find any advantage against it as White, particularly in the ..Bf5 variation. It’s a great opening.

    I know why people don’t play it, because the top players don’t play it. They probably say to themselves, well, Ian Rogers was not a world champion caliber GM, so it can’t be good enough, which is total BS rookie thinking, to me.

    The guy I played Thursday, he repeated a quote “Analysis by non-masters can’t be trusted” or isn’t any good or something like that. I say that is total hogwash. This is G/90, of course we can’t analyze well enough _during_ a G/90 and thus are forced to play weak moves. Doesn’t mean our analysis isn’t any good or isn’t backed by thousands and thousands of games and experience or that we can’t analyze one particular position or line into the dust after the game. Perhaps he meant that post-mortems tend to be weak, which is generally the case.

  3. Great game. Problem with playing this variation as white is that it can be difficult to castle if you don’t do it really early. I have been on both sides of this one. As white its easy to think that you are calling the shots until you realize there is no place for your king to go…

  4. Wang, that’s why I stopped playing the King’s Gambits White, the open dark-diagonal. It’s a nice choice if one is prepared to book up a lot as White, or is much higher rated. In the Vienna, I’m sure White is counting on a lot of cheap wins, but otherwise there is a reason it is not so often played, Black’s active counters are alright.

  5. This is very funny, I yesterday played in the club as Black the same variation, also won, convincingly, his king was also stuck in center, will try to publish today.
    A very good game, I agree with chesstiger about Nxd3+, great sacrifice.
    Scandinavian could be a dangerous weapon in Black’s hands, you should know how to deal with it as White.

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