Anatoly Karpov

Okay, since ChessTiger is infatuated with Nunn, I just have to post this.

Here was a famous game of Karpov’s, given as a main line from “Beating the Sicilian 3” by Nunn and Gallagher. Incidentally, this game is also given in one of Silman’s books on the Dragon defense Nunn mentions – it is after all, rightly a main line.

Karpov – Kavalek 1974

Nunn suggests that Black probably could have improved somewhere, possibly with a maneuver like 32. Rc7 followed by ..Rb7 idea, where Black should still have some chances to stay in the game. I don’t recall exactly, but I believe it was around this point in the game (which seems rather late to be looking for improvements for Black, IMHO)

There seems to be the implication that this ending is proof that Black is okay and that it should be a draw (?!) So I used me head, and Crafty for tactical support, to see if this position was really a draw, and did Kavalek crack under pressure, etc.

What I found is that Karpov still had real winning chances such as those given in my analyis game below:

Karpov – Kavalek analysis

I have seen this game many times, like all great games they seem to end up in many books. My conclusion is this, what one really needs is to study these great games rather than have a bunch of opening books. It’s the games that are most important, not the monographs – “Oh, scawy, he has the blah and blah opening monograph, he must be unbeatable with it!”


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