I’m starting to not like this idea of playing on Wednesdays. I already know that I am out of it after drinking coffee the night before and getting bad sleep. Let’s face it, all anyone is thinking about on Wednesday is either A) Their job, or B) Finding work.

This is why it is easy to find venues to host in the middle of the week, but it explains why they do little business as well.

One good thing about a club, dedicated facility, is that games can be held on better days, such as Friday through Tuesday. Playing on Wednesday is like a cruel joke, which probably explains why so many do badly. If one is actually up for a game, it’s not so hard to win.


2 thoughts on “Wednesday

  1. You know, even a club can’t choose any day they want. They rent the room, there are other things going, and weekends are probably just busy or too expensive. I played on Sundays before the “Thursdays” club, but now only small kids are coming there.

  2. My last club back in CA, yeah a lot of small kids played on Sunday. Against the small kids, I did really well, but have always had trouble against the older, higher rated players, and likely to face one tonight.

    It was actually a dedicated office space, that club, where they also sold books and software, but it’s interesting that I think they probably made most of their money teaching chess to kids in summer “camps”. I say interesting because it’s hard for me to imagine people in this city paying money for a chess coach, it’s not as affluent.

    For that matter, I have a hard time seeing a chess club here selling books as well. Some players would buy books, but often it’s people who aren’t as active tournament player, yet have okay jobs that are the ones to buy chess books, software, nice boards and pieces. It almost seems axiomatic that a lot players, one wonders if they can even afford a cup of coffee, yes, but then again that would be me ;-D

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