Wednesday’s June 2011 – Round 3

In Round 3 at the Deli, I faced Ken for the first time as White, and met his Caro-Kahn Defense. He had never played against the Fantasy Variation before, and after the game I gave him some advice about the game and the opening, from my perspective anyway.

He allowed me to win his ..g7 pawn with a critical zwischenzug. He defended well for a while, but I knew that his ..Re7 was a tactical error. He could have tried …Nh5 at some point, and I don’t know how I would have handled that, but I knew that at least with …Re7? he could not traded queens by playing …Qh5 in this position.

He played …Nd5 and that was going to be the game, either way. Kxg7 should have been his last move, then I can play Qh6+ followed by BxRe7 and that should do it for the practical chances.

We both had around 37 minutes at the end of the game, with my showing up 5 minutes late, so time was never an issue. I guess that my long thinks don’t last as long these days, possibly. But I got quite the comfortable game, in any event.


4 thoughts on “Wednesday’s June 2011 – Round 3

  1. Good push with the pawn center. His letting you take on g7 was a crucial mistake. My program “Arasan” confirmed that you are 4.61 after fxg7 and 0.67 after Rxf6. It almost doesn’t matter how he plays after that.

  2. Thanks, RollingPawns. 🙂

    You know what’s weird is that I told him that he should play …e5, and Crafty didn’t think it was more than much ado over nothing. He asked me what the idea of …e5 is, and I said “To stop White from playing e5 (first)!”

    Apparently, there is even more of a finesse to that move. Just yesterday, was it on Nigel D’s blog(?), I think he said what Crafty said, and it is something I didn’t know. Black should play ..e5 once I play c4, although this isn’t a perfect example of that because I have c3 and then leave my pawn center alone. In the post-mortem, he wanted to look at my h3, g4 and he keeps his light-bishop, but then I played Nf3-h4-f5 ignoring my center and that looked rather dominating at a glance.

    Yes, that one zwischenzug was apparently the game. He said he felt he needed to play some weird move order like that to “throw me off”, but I assured him that there was no such need to think that way. He is a strong enough player as evidenced by he didn’t want to take the g7 pawn, RxB RxR and then play Bxh6 instead of recapturing first on f3. Apparently, we were both looking at that one, and that is why he didn’t take the pawn on g7.

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