Thursdays July 2011 – Round 2

Well, I just played the stupidest game. If you want to see what stupid looks like, it looks like this game:
Round 2
The only chess thought I had before the game, driving up to there was “I should really study my openings, I hardly even know them.” Well, you really want to know your openings at G/90, or at least in my case it turns into a “FICS game” whenever I play a higher-rated player.

Okay, so it’s an Alapin Sicilian. Later I found out he used to play it as White, before he switched to 1.d4. I get good openings against him with the Open Sicilian though. It’s the darndest thing, Open Sicilian works better for me against higher-rated opponents.

I don’t know his repertoire but he plays the dreaded ..d5 response. At G/90, to not know how I should open a game is lethal against a higher-rated. I was going to play 11.h3 with 12.Bf4 (and the bishop can retreat to h2 if need be), but then I changed my mind and played Bg5, thinking that if I trade bishops on e7 it will be via the maneuver Nf6-d5xBe7, but he captures with the other knight, which completely took me by surprise and ruined my plan. This will be the theme, bad moves I would not make at G/2 I do make at G/90.

I played Be2, but as soon as I grabbed it I wish I had played g3 with Bg2 (even Bd3 is better according to Fruit).

I play 19.Qe4, then before I let go move it back to e2 because I realized he would respond with …f5, but then played it anyway.

The attempt to win his e6 pawn doesn’t look like it’s going to be happening, so I play Qh5 and it gets tongue-in-cheek like for me from this point forward. Oh yes, after I played it I was like “Shoot, I hope he doesn’t play ..Nf6” because I didn’t see it until after I had moved.

24.Ne2 was an instant reply, but also the losing move. He plays 24..Qd5 and I didn’t see it coming, thought he would put a knight on d5.

For the last 45 minutes of the game I had been looking at the g2 mate, but not once did I consider a mate on h1. G/90 can be such a hokie game for me against 1900 rated players. I could have played the Open Sicilian against him alright, but this Alapin Sicilian I am just guessing too much. Even online people play the …Nf6 system far, far more often than ..d5, which practically equalizes for Black.

After the game, he told me that g3 was a blunder, and I agree with him, but this is what you get when all you play against are other ignoramuses online who rarely ever play this variation, and then you try to “figure it out” OTB. Sad, sad, sad.

After looking at this opening with Fruit, I realize that White has to play for minute static advantages rather than any real sense of dynamic play, and then try to accumulate such advantages. I don’t like to play this way at G/90, so this is not a good opening for it, but I have a better sense of this rather passive opening now. I should have played Bf4 instead of Bg5, right away, but it’s a bean-counter’s opening for sure.


6 thoughts on “Thursdays July 2011 – Round 2

  1. I would play 13. Ne5 instead of g3. It defeats Nf4 move which you probably meant playing g3 giving good f3 square for the bishop and if f6 the knight can go to g4.

  2. Yes, I was thinking all of that except that about Ne5 defeating …Nf4. It does defeat it, but mostly it seems because it’s a completely different plan where ..Nf4 is useless, that’s probably what you meant.

    White is ahead in tempii, but Black has the better static structure. He plays against me in all games in such a way as to get me to move or develop first so that he can develop around my moves. It’s aggravating for me and takes a lot of time off my clock. But this is also why I should be beating him in an Open Sicilian, but losing to him in a c3 Sicilian.

    For example, White can get a nice attack I’m thinking now, with 13.Ng5 and if ..h6, then 14.Ne4 and a g-pawn push is in White’s future, but if he keeps playing the positional game that is his strength, then 13..Nc6! looks like a strong reply. This is what I hate about playing him, he will wait for me to try something and then make me lose because of it, he can determine his strategy as the 2nd-mover, see what I do first. All I can really do is develop my pieces and play for a draw somehow, which is not so fun to do at G/90.

    13.Ne5 is probably the best move, like you say. I considered it a lot, it was that or a kingside attack, but there is not enough there for a kingside attack, especially after moves like Re1 and g3 since then there is no rook-lift possibility.

    Actually, if 13.Ng5, then he could play ..h6 and ..Ng6 on second-thought, and then my dark squares are weak. I was also trying to strengthen the dark squares with g3, and my plan was h4 and Ng5, but I didn’t like ..f5-f4 in reply, would have been better than in the game though, probably.

    I checked with Fruit. The h4 plan with ..f5 is a good try for White, but then Fruit combines it into queenside play, winning a pawn, then losing it back, and Black is no worse. It’s one of those positions where it’s best to “do nothing”, and those are the positions I generally like to play the least.

    In G/90, you sort of expect some action and mistakes, mutual chances, but against someone like my opponent it turns more into a compressed 6 hr game into 90 minutes. I can’t play for fun against him.

    I finally found a scenario where White could play for the win. If h4..f5 happens, and the Black further plays ..f4, g4 (didn’t think of this move during the game) then g5. Anyway, the h4 plan was playable.

    I needed to challenge his queenside and center more, even if only to temporarily draw off one of his pieces. I misplayed my queen, the piece I am weakest with, and that is what really handed over the victory I think.

    To really study this game, one needs to go back to move 19, where I first felt something was wrong, playing Qe4, then moving it back with my hand still on the piece. I see a move now, 19.a4 gives White a safe advantage. Fruit sees 19.Ne4, Be4 and Qg4 as the candidates. I gave a brief look at Qg4, but thought it would transpose after ..f5 – it doesn’t. White would have saved one or two tempos over the game continuation (if ..Nf6) with ..Qh4 when the idea is if ..Ne7-c6, then QxQd8 trading queens, which I did desire to do late in this game. However, White is not well off in the complications after the queen trade.

    Apparently, the way to play this position is 19.Ne4, then if Black trades rooks, followed by ..Ba8 (so that it doesn’t get attacked in case of a Nc5), White plays Qh5..Nf5 and now Fruit likes Black.

    So my own candidate move of 19.a4 is better than any of Fruit’s. Why are these things better than humans again? Must be the hardware they use.

  3. Hi Linux Guy!

    Sorry I haven not been around to say hello. My grand summer of chess and music practice has been derailed for a few weeks. I have been dealing with some health stuff (sciatica pain that has me laid up) so I have not been able to go to chess tournaments or practice drums! GRR!

    But I am hoping to be back in the saddle here soon.

    I just wanted to stop by and say hello. 🙂

  4. Thanks for stopping by, TommyG, and I hope you get better! 🙂

    You can still study tactics or even endgames! I am reading this book now, finally, “Karpov’s Endgame Arsenal”, had it for so long. It’s getting me back into the swing of calmly thinking about endgames – versus tactics, which gives me that fire and brimstone mentality to attack on every move.

    This Alapin Sicilian game above is the perfect example, one has to play for endgame and not willy-nilly kingside attack, such as I like to do.

    Sorry to hear about your nerve. I tried the drums once and hit them way too softly, even though I weight 222 lbs, so I know that takes a lot of training. A bought an axe last year to chop down tree limbs – maybe a rough analogy – I took forever to chop down a limb. Now I can chop down a small limb in as little as two swings, if I put both arms into it.

    I imagine it’s from all that drumming. Phil Collins retired because of whatever the drumming had done to him. I don’t usually get pain from nerve, usually just my back goes out, or hip goes out, or leg goes out. I have had knee injury and hip/soreness pain before and the hip is worse. For me, fat is good for recovering my nerves, like ice-cream or cheese pizza. 🙂 But guacamole and that type of fat, nuts is probably better.

    Lately, I’ve been doing push-ups against a raised curb down a street that hardly gets any traffic, and the big thing is that it increases my circulation and stomach strength. Stomach strength keeps my back from going out from sitting too much, it makes it so that is not even close to becoming a reality.

    Well, at least you have the excuse to study whatever you want to now. Thanks for stopping by! 😀 This blog was getting kind of dead, so I didn’t post something, but I think I’ll post it now. 😉

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