Wednesdays July 2011 – Round 4

Round 4

Before the game, I told Buck “This is the first time I will have played you as White”.

It started out as a Scotch, which I was more glad to see than the French Defense. He played the ..6.Nd5 variation instead of ..Qe7, which is more drawish. Then he plays this weird ..Bc5 move, which I am thinking “This can’t be right”.

Later, in my exuberance, although I spent plenty of time on the move, I drop my e-pawn, but it doesn’t look so bad if he takes since I get in Nf3 and Re1.

I had around 48 minutes left at the end of the game. It’s two pawns for a rook compensation, which we both saw.

After the game he said “Well, now I know how you play as White!” I didn’t play 13.Bg5 until I had calculated that 13…Qxe, 14.BxRd8 f5, 15.Qg5, h6, 16.Bf6 looked alright. On the way home I calculated that it wins two exchanges (for a pawn). But then I decided to look for something better once he took on e5 with the queen.

Instead of ..g6, I pointed out that he looked okay if he had played 0-0-0. I was then expecting ..h5 and if I go Qf4, then …g5, Qe4, when I still liked my position due to the a3,b4 threat. I pointed out that Qxg7 didn’t look so hot to me because after Rdg8, Qf6 QxQ, e5xQ Bd4 he has equalized, and that I had originally played Qg4 merely to prevent the ..Bd4, ..c5 plan which he appeared to be setting. But as Fruit shows me now, I waited too long to play Qg4, he could have played ..Qxe5 earlier in the game. When he noted how much I had seen during the game he said to himself “I must have been in a dreamworld.” 🙂

This game didn’t last too long, so I spent more time watching the draw between Alex and Mark, and then me, Ken and them analyzed it together in their post-mortem. I took second place, as Paul had taken first with a last-round bye.


3 thoughts on “Wednesdays July 2011 – Round 4

  1. Short game.

    “he said to himself “I must have been in a dreamworld.””
    Well he must have been somewhere else then focussing on the chessboard.

    I wonder if you felt that you had played a game of chess?
    I mean, if I play such a short game I never have the feeling that I played chess. The feeling of happiness of the win is also short lived. I am at the chess club but I dont have the feeling I just finished a game. Its as if I am just a visitor, if you get what I mean.

  2. I am in another city, so will be short. It looks like he made a series of weak moves, with his pieces hanging, which lead to this fast conclusion.
    You played well. I agree with Johan, I had such a game at the Canadian Open, you expect a long, tough game and it ends like this. I was kind of not fully satisfied, though of course it was good to get a win.

  3. ChessTiger and RollingPawns, that is exactly how I felt. No sense of jubilation, or that I had just played a chess game. I felt that I hadn’t played, yes. I spent an hour looking at another game going on. I am surprised that you guys knew exactly how I felt. Of course, I would take such a win against a strong player especially anytime. 😉 The other guys both played teriffic in their draw, as if they had both played better than my effort. The result is satisfying enough since I play again tonight, and don’t want to be too beat up from yesterday going into it, of course.

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