Took the easy way out

I had the White pieces against Dean Brown in this evening’s first round.

Round 1

Have you ever wondered when chess would ever get easy, and their would be that automatic win? This game felt fairly close to that. My opponent wasted a couple tempos, as Black, right off the bat and it was pretty much over after that.

The funny thing about this game is that I played 12.Qa4 for a relatively assured win, though not entirely assured. Although I debated between playing this and 12.cxb Bxb7, 13.Qa4+ Kf8, 14.e5, and I guessed right that Fruit would chose this exact same continuation.

Actually, my continuation seems like an easier win, and I wasn’t feeling up to putting that much effort into it as I had had enough dynamic wins lately, that it starts to get boring in some way. I just kind of cruised through this one.

My 9.Bf4 was actually a mistake. It seemed that 10..e6 was forced because otherwise White can play Rc1, then Nc7+, but actually Fruit points out that Black has 10..Nxd4, 11.NxNd4 e6, 19. knight moves …e5, forking the Bf4 and Nd4.

He lost this game by playing ..Ne7 instead of ..Nf6 (so that after Qxd6..Nxe4, etc). To win, White needed to play the line 12.cxb Bxb7, 13.Qa4+ Kf8, 14.Qb4! Bc6, 15.Bxd6+ Ne7, 16.Bc4 Be8 – if Black throws in a ..dxe4, then Ng5, which is something I considered, but I never considered Qb4 because I didn’t notice that Bxd6 is going to hit any Rb8. If 14.Qb4 is not played, then Black is back in the game with ..Bh6.


One thought on “Took the easy way out

  1. Yeah, that was a blitzcrieg, you kind of crushed him.
    “The crime and the punishment”. 🙂
    9. Bf4 is not much worse, you still have advantage.

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