I think a sign that someone is not tactically strong enough is king-defense-weakness.

Here is another game, on FICS, seems like a continuation of my last Round 2 game, where someone plays moves that look “positional” but don’t defend the king.


I blundered my rook at the end, but he didn’t see it. I took the wrong rook but should have been winning easily by taking the right one. But this is what happens when one makes a move in 12 seconds, not realistic for OTB play.

I was never sweating it in this game as his attack kept developing my own.


4 thoughts on “Defense

  1. Hey LinuxGuy!

    I agree! Defense is important. Some of the tactical training I have been doing is from a ChessOk course called Simple Defense. Some of the problems ARE really simple but that is good! I feel like I am seeing threats and looking for solutions much better than before.

    Go tactics and Go Defense!!

  2. I went over 7 combos today from my book, first time I’ve cracked it open in a couple of weeks. I was surprised that I found the positions and tactics to be easyish, even when longish because of the combo length.

    First part is a tactic, it can be a rook sac for example, but a lot of it is based in pattern recognition and experience. You can see the discoordination of opponent’s position. Part two is execution, it’s a skill part of the combo, such as knowing how to use one’s queen or finding a checkmate.

    If someone were good at these, then they might have to look at a lot of them to find one that truly challenges them and teaches them something. I’m guessing a GM wouldn’t learn as much since they already know more, tactically.

    I just got another one right, the tactic part of it, a rook sac, but didn’t even know why it was right (concrete analysis). That doesn’t seem to make sense, but it worked. I simply had to discover the reason why it worked.

    For me, the second part is the hardest part, the execution of the combo, not finding the initial tactic.

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