Dumb games on FICS

I want to show this moronic game that I played this morning, just to illustrate the difference between OTB chess and G/15 online. Please note that I have _not_ looked at this game with an engine, simply went over it quickly myself after the game and was truly appalled at how poorly that I (both of us) played at chess when moving quickly.

Game from FICS

The other day I played him, odd how things happen like that, and won as Black, and expected him to correctly play 13.Nd2 this time, for which I had prepared 13..f5. So we both rushed through this opening very quickly to reach this tabiya. Now we are both “on our own” and here is where the awful play begins.

16..Bb6? I could have played 16..Bb4, 17.Qd2, then roll the pawns with ..c5, ..d4, ..e3.

17. Nc2?! 17.Nb3! dxc, 18.Na5 with a Nxc4 on tap, and Black’s pawn formation looks rather losing.

21.Qa4?? I had missed the check when I sacked the center pawn. White can play 21.Qc4+ followed by 22.Qe2 and is simply winning.

23… Rd2? 23…Bxf is winning easily.

34..Rxg2? I knew this was the wrong pawn to take, but took it anyway.

40..Kxf5?? 40…Ra5! wins on the spot.

46.Kh3? 46.Kf3 forces a perpetual, if desired by Black, with 46..Rf7+ to avoid being mated.

Why did I bother to let his king from the first rank? I should have used the bishop to shield my king to let it out of the h-file. Really, haven’t tried this before, but during the last few seconds it crossed my mind that I could probably disconnect and get a draw, since it is rook vs. rook with no increment “insufficient losing chances.”

But this game illustrates well how online is not OTB. I mean, we are rated 1800ish and this is a 1400ish performance OTB at best, probably not even that.


4 thoughts on “Dumb games on FICS

  1. Yeah, very different from OTB, it should have been at least a draw.

    I had a crazy day, passed Java 5 Certified Programmer exam. I prepared for it for a long time. In the morning I got that stupid simulator program from the Web and got only 25% on the test (min is 70%). I decided that I am not ready and will fail and it would cost me dearly, since people knew about exam, my boss even let me work from home this week and $300 would be from my pocket, not company’s. I came, it looked easier (not easy), OK.

    Then I got into time trouble. You have 150/60 questions, I had 50/25 in the end. The questions are quite a few strings of code sometimes, so …
    I got nervous and I think here my chess helped, I remembered all my 90/G, just accelerated and started to answer intuitively sometimes.

    I finished almost on time, just didn’t mark one question, didn’t even have time to put a cross anywhere. Then I looked at the score and I passed !!!
    Between us, I got the exact min required score – 70%, but it doesn’t matter.
    Of course, I could answer a few more questions if in the morning I would continue re-reading the book, exactly the chapter where I had most of the trouble, instead of doing that stupid test that scared the hell out of me.

  2. Funny that. šŸ™‚ Today I went and took a brainbench test on Java fundamentals (Core Java) at Robert Half. I couldn’t believe that I only scored 53% (there were 30 questions they said). They said the last guy they sent on an interview for this client only scored 51%, and I think they said before some other guy scored 56%. Granted, many of the ones I got wrong, I figured it was if not this answer then this answer, but I was slightly shocked at my score.

    Yet the recruiter was happy and wants me to come in and take a .net test on Tuesday, because this client wants both and that would give me a leg up. I said I knew core .net as well. Granted, I didn’t study for this multiple-choice test, but it was mainly testing experience. I was allowed to bring a book, but it didn’t help me answer any of them, didn’t use it though tried at first, because 3 minutes per question is only enough time for intuition, so I used 1 minute on most questions. I did get a little exam fatigue toward the end, so I know what you must have been going through. šŸ˜‰

    Great job, my friend!!

  3. It’s a good result without preparation. I read a book and did mock exams, at least 4 full and many short ones. I found this about .net exam, maybe it can be useful for you:


    I didn’t work with .net, just read about it a long time ago, it’s a good thing to have it. I think you are on a right way, sometimes you should do a test right on the interview with a potential employer.

    I’ll still try not to reinstall Babaschess :), I had to miss the game on Thursday, but I’ll try to get back to the club play.

    It was a big stress, I woke up and can’t sleep.

  4. I believe it will be just the core .net fundamentals test for this position. Those questions look more “enterprise-ish” and I hope I don’t get any of those. šŸ˜€

    I like to play 1 game in the morning at Standard time-controls, but I’m glad you were able to stay away. šŸ™‚ Really, the day of a game or day before is a great time to play an online game to get the rust out. I’m glad you were psyched enough to just concentrate on the programming, and hadn’t played online for a full month! I stopped for a while just because I was burnt out from too much chess playing. šŸ˜‰

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