No bones about it

I decided to play solid for a few games, and more importantly with increment, to get back my FICS rating back up to a more realistic level.


I haven’t studied tactics in over a month, but I solved the first problem in this video in around 4 minutes.

I only looked at the first and last problem in this video, and the last one was easy for me but it took this Master a long time, not sure he solved either one. He is a much better player than I, from having watched his videos, but this did let me know my tactics aren’t so weak, I guess, and probably the same goes for Blunderprone. The tactics study does work. The main difference is between having a strong sense of “Oh yeah, there must be a winning tactic in this position!” and not having that sense. But it’s also just as much pattern-recognition from having seen so many similar ones before.


2 thoughts on “No bones about it

  1. RollingPawns, thanks. 🙂

    The way things are going right now, I can’t say when I’ll be playing OTB chess again right now. I am in my fourth week of training at a call-center, but my class liked that they are changing our schedules from starting at 2:30 pm to start at 7am. This will give me major jet-lag. Plus, I will only get one day off this weekend, and only Saturday off two weeks from now so will miss a 4 round tournament, unless I end up getting Sunday off as well.

    Really, I would need to get a permanent schedule 3 weeks from now which is swing-shift, otherwise with the morning hours, it would be too difficult to play at night and then wake up that early especially. If I got swing-shift, I might get Wed-Thurs off, and play on those days, that sort of thing. I would rather play a night or two a week than a weekend tournament, in general, but it would be nice if I got Sunday off too, then at least I would play in that one tournament.

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