Defensive Mishaps

Round 1

I played my buddy Alex, and I knew that I was winning and getting a great game right off the bat, but didn’t save enough time for defense, and erred badly. At the end, I wanted to force a draw, but tried one time too many to tempt him into continuing the game and missed that I was losing. Actually, I sensed it after I made my move, that I should have forced the draw, but even then missed that I could have defended and won. I saw it once I saw my engine’s score, like “Oh yeah, I have this ..Bc1 defense”. Seemed so obvious on this 2-D board, but I didn’t see it in time-pressure.

Actually, I went to this game not caring about complications or win or lose, the whole game long. My buddy wanted to win it badly, but I never got excited about winning, understood I could still lose the winning position, and that is what happened.

I didn’t study any chess at all today, simply took this as a fun break from other things. I really haven’t studied chess in a while, played some games online yesterday, the rust is slowly coming off but it has taken longer than I thought it would. I never got nervous during this game though, wasn’t at all like “OMG, I have to win this game!” or anything like that.

My buddy was like “I needed these rating points after my horrible tournament this weekend”. But like I told him afterward, “Rating points don’t pay the bills.” Now I guess if he got enough of them it would, but that is at least Master level, and this is still a G/90 game at the end of the day.

BTW, 28.Kb2 should have been an obvious defensive move. 28..Bxd4+, 29.Nc3 seals the game. It’s difficult to rush defense to the tune of the clock. I could have saved a lot of time earlier because I knew that my moves were automatic, like g4, it’s simply a very positional move blocking out his knight. I shouldn’t waste half an hour verifying moves that I wanted to play all along. I could have used that extra time for defense later in the game. It’s the problem with OTB G/90, I find that 5 minutes is often worth a rook when down on the clock, and it’s no longer “chess”, but who can think fast.

The engine confirms that my attack was running out of steam when I played Qxh5 (after RxNh5), nevermind that he misplayed it with ..f5. But there is a winning shot. RxNh5..gxh5, Nd5 which blocks out his queen, allowing Qf5 battery attacking Nd7 and more importantly h7, but I also needed to play h6..Bg7 first, before playing g5 (not sure why that part of it matters).


2 thoughts on “Defensive Mishaps

  1. You played well until almost the end and were winning. I start to recognize former you – Rxh5, for example. But you are right, it is difficult to defend when your king is on the open and you don’t have enough time.
    Just try to stay positive and your next game will be better.

  2. Thanks, RollingPawns! πŸ™‚ You are too kind. πŸ˜‰

    I played with the Black pieces tonight. Played against Dan, 1700, whom I had narrowly beaten on our two previous occasions.

    I still haven’t shaken off the rust quite yet, but the overall G/90 is starting to come along.

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