Hitting the open road

Round 2

I played Daniel for the second time. Surprisingly, Daniel Drew Kurt in a G/40 game this weekend. Kurt was just below Expert level, high 1900’s. Kurt lost around 50 rating points, probably because he hasn’t been playing as much either, and the fast time-control is not such a good thing for him.

I didn’t expect this game to be much of a contest, and in fact it was one of my easiest games. I’m glad that Daniel’s rating has been improving though. He is a kid who likes to play, and has a devoted mom.

On move 15, he initially played Bh3, dropping his queen, but I let him take it back after seeing his look of disappointment/frustration with himself – I made quick work of it after that point, anyway. Afterward, we played a C3 Sicilian skittles game (I was White). It was a positional game that didn’t look so bad for Black at first glance, but in reality was just as one-sided as this game here.


2 thoughts on “Hitting the open road

  1. You made it look easy. I played Vienna many times online and I don’t like his 5. Nxe4. White can get a strong pawn structure after let’s say 5. Nf3 Nxc3 6. bxc3 or … 5. Nf3 … 6. d4 Nxc3 7. bxc3, having more space on the kingside plus open “f” line.
    You should be always careful with your king in Vienna, since you played f4, he neglected it and paid the price.

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