Round 3

Not much of a game to speak of, I was going to play 15.Rf1, but then played/blundered with 15.c4 because as soon as I took my hand off of it, I noticed that I am dropping a pawn with 15..Ng6.

Then I miscalculated badly. I was going to play 18.Bb5 because 18…a6 seemed weakening, the was going to play 19.Be2, but I miscalculated, dropped a pawn, at least, but saw his mate as soon as I had played b3, simply waited for him to play Rb2+, then shook his hand.

If I had played 15.Rf1, I felt I definitely had the upper-hand, and he played crazily in the post-mortem at that point, giving me a big advantage. I simply am not paying enough attention to defense. I want to attack all the time and was “out to lunch” on defense in this game. Should have had a great game against him, but instead played it badly.

I didn’t play 19.Be2 because I figured that he would win, being up a pawn, unless I played actively, which in a positional situation like this was simply bad thinking, and I thought it might be, but did it anyway. So, I dropped the pawn and then was gone just like that.


2 thoughts on “Miscalculated

  1. Yeah, Be2 was a key move – from move 17 to move 19, giving him 0.45-0.65 advantage. Don’t be upset, I lost in a somewhat similar manner, quickly, completely underestimating my opponent’s attack.

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