A Short-Lived Haitus

Well, it’s true that I’ve dropped out of the Wednesday tournament, but I am not such a great quitter, and I really see the need more, should I desire to play club chess for however much longer it lasts, to play a stronger group of players. It’s really uninspiring to look around and see a who’s-who list of lower-rated players that either are there to knock you off or draw you, even through shady but legal means if necessary.

So, Thursday’s tournament is a no-brainer, and I hope to ___ that the weaker players at the other tournament don’t realize we’ve ditched them and come crash our Thursday night tournament. πŸ˜€

So here was my game from tonight, against a new opponent for me whom I’ve been looking forward to playing. Of course it was a nice-touch that I was White. We know how I can play as White. πŸ˜‰

Round 2

Anyway, the game went to the bitter-end, I won his h-pawn and he needed to give up his rook for my pawn on c7, but I was missing all kinds of forks as I blitzed, and we both saw them after I moved. For example, 31.Bd4? instead of 31.Ne7+ winning the exchange.

I realized after this game that I have to change, particularly as White, need to not throw half an hour away, gaining the courage to play moves which I wanted to play in any event.

I also saw 27.Bf6 winning a piece, at the board, but then had one of those fearful in time-pressure moments where it was like “OMG, if checkmate him, he will totally win all three of my pawns!” ;-p Of course, what I was thinking at the time was “I don’t have enough time to figure out the mate, would lose on time trying, and if I lose 3 pawns for a piece, then I have a bunch of pieces to hold onto, I lose one of them and then it’s a whole ‘nother story. Terrible how we have learned these sad realities from so much blitz play. πŸ˜‰ I finished with 38 seconds on my clock, which isn’t so promising, but at least I remembered to look at the clock this time!

I ended up blundering the exchange, but he didn’t take advantage of it as surely a stronger player would have. He played fast in my time-pressure, but I think this was a big mistake because I can play well on instinct usually. He could have slowed it down and posed more significant problems for me with his potentially passed pawn (I was worried about sacs that would get it passed).

The backdrop of this game is that Gunnar won his Round 1 game (I took a bye) against DuWayne, who is 1937 rated. Gunnar’s rating has been going consistently up, so I knew that I had a challenge on my hands.

I was happy to see that Black had chosen an active opening in this game. Sure, Fruit says ..e4 instead of ..exd4 and Black is only down += or so, but we know how active openings go, one slip and fall onto the butcher’s knife. But of course, more power to them. πŸ˜€


One thought on “A Short-Lived Haitus

  1. I am glad it was short, your hiatus.
    I am not sure he wins 3 pawns after 27. Bf6.
    Yeah, there were a few mistakes, but overall you played better.
    38 moves is not a good number for 38 seconds remaining. πŸ™‚

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