Wednesdays Round 3, Feb 2012

Didn’t do much with this game, lived off of the ratings differential instead:

Round 3

After 15.Qd4, I could have played 15..Be6 since his queen is at d4, not his knight, so I could play to wrong-foot his queen, considered it, but went for riskless play against his rating. I’d like to say that we are immune to such influences, but we aren’t; at the end of the day, people look at your rating.

Also, I figured after the game that 14..Rb8 was a better try, but this is all so much to think about for a 90 minute game.

14..Bf5 is interesting, an idea given by Fruit. Then, 15.Nd4 Be4, 16.Nxc6 Qc5! followed by 16..Qxc3 -+. I think I stopped calculating such things at Nxc6,

If I win this game, I get 3 rating points, if I draw I lose 10 points, and if I lose I lose 21 points. That’s hardly a blip on the map for a win.


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