Wednesdays Round 4, Feb 2012

I played Daniel’s mom for the first time in this round.

Round 4

One of the coolest lines not played was this one:

11..b4, 12.axb cxb, 13.Bb5+ Bd7, 14.d5xe6 Bxb5, 15.NxBb5 axN, 16.exd6 Nc6, 17.d7+ Ke7, 18.Bxc5+ Kxe6, 19.Re1+, etc.

I had seen up to move 14, but wasn’t sure after that because G/90 is just not enough time to calculate everything up front; some of it would have to be calculated after Black’s reply.

Another easy line I missed was 20.Bxc5, which I felt sure was right, but somehow missed 20…RxR, 21.RxR QxB, 22.RxR+ Ke7 (I only saw up to here), but now 23.Re8+ Kf6 or Kd6 and Ne4+ forks king and queen.

I had 33 minutes left at the end of the game, she around an hour, but this time I made sure not to get too “into the game” because at G/90 it’s not just about you, your opponent, or even chess itself, it’s largely about clock management.

The interesting thing about playing a game against weaker or less experienced opponents is that it is all about mating attacks and tactics, whereas against stronger players endgames predominate.

Positionally, I missed that I should have played d5 at the first chance because the d5 pawn acts as a wedge which would have cramped Black’s queenside development badly, not to mention that the follow-up Ne4-Nd6+..BxNd6, exBd6 is a winning passed pawn, and a4 push can create a hole on c4 as well.

I got one rating points for this game, probably only because it’s impossible to get zero for a win. That’s funny, even if your opponent has a rating of zero, you will get one rating point for a victory. haha.

It is a little deflating that even though we are allotted 3 hours, there was only one game going beyond the 1 and 1/2 hour point (and this is almost always the case on Wednesdays, where it is mostly sub-1800 level players), and that was Mark’s, and only because he uses all of his clock.


2 thoughts on “Wednesdays Round 4, Feb 2012

  1. I thought about sacking a piece in the opening, but then decided it was first time playing her, let’s see what happens, and show her it’s not a fluke that I should have won against her son. She didn’t seem to want to chitchat after the game.

    I’m told that the software ‘swis-sys’ does all the pairings. Boy, do I feel special. hehe.

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