Thursday’s Final Round

Again, I play an opponent whom I’ve never played before.

Round 4


2 thoughts on “Thursday’s Final Round

  1. I drew some gasps with my blitz play once again. I had under a minute when trading knights, finished the game with 2 seconds on my clock. I was under 5 minutes after 14 moves. Against the stronger opponents, I can’t do this. Unlike on Wednesday where I never left the board, on Thursdays I am taking loads of coffee breaks and spend a good deal of time away from the playing hall. I don’t watch other games, though. And my opponents catch on that the time to move is as soon as I leave the board every two or three moves.

    It’s really difficult to win as Black. My …e4 push was a blunder, had not calculated d5 correctly because the Bf5 hangs, so I think I lose a pawn, but weaker opponents are not going to jump all over you as much, or as accurately as stronger players. In fact, time-management is probably a big weapon against weaker players, which I have not been using.

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