Thursday Round 1 – Mar 2012

Round 1

I played Peter again, I believe it’s our fourth encounter and I’ve won the previous three, but Peter has a great sense for openings.

My one quick, completely air-headed move was 19..Qc7 instead of 19..Qa6 (engine suggests ..Qb5, but I am feeling now that Fruit is weak in closed positions, and a human sense is often better in them) and I realized my lazy mistake right away. Among many things, Fruit liked his ..dxe, whereas I thought that d5 is much stronger, and then Fruit agrees with me a move or so later, so it’s not helping me out too much here.

I finished the game with 2:58 on the clock, so I didn’t let myself get into insane time-pressure, and started blitzing earlier. It really took the pressure off of my game and I put it onto my opponent; I felt more relaxed than usual afterward because of that.


3 thoughts on “Thursday Round 1 – Mar 2012

  1. Thanks! Sorry about that. 😉

    One of my new habits paid off during the game. I slapped/pressed the clock after every move, like I wasn’t even aware that I was doing it. My opponent forgot to press his clock on about 10-15 different moves.

    For the most part, I paid no attention to the clock, neither his nor mine, only noticed he had not hit his clock because my button was already down. I could have forgotten about the time left, being a little tired as one is during a night game, but I had practiced after my first round Wed loss to make sure I slap the clock after every move, and that one little subconscious habit is paying dividends since then. 🙂

    One might forget about the clock at times, but never forget that slapping the clock is part of the move. Mostly I looked to see whose plunger was up rather than what the times were. Even after checkmate, I’ve slapped the clock, which isn’t necessary but a habit has to be just like that, like a chicken with it’s head cut off, an unthinking movement.

    For example, when I went from 2 seconds to 1 second on my clock against Anthea it was because I was thinking about resigning, not about a chess move. I decided I did not want to lose on time, but if I were doing it without thinking, I would have pressed the clock by wrote, and kept that extra second.

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