Thursday Round 2 – Mar 2012

Round 2


6 thoughts on “Thursday Round 2 – Mar 2012

  1. Thanks, RollingPawns and Jabari!! 🙂

    This game represents “the perfect storm” of how not to play me. Don’t be Black, invite me to attack, and play a non-solid choice of openings.

    I can defend just as poorly as one of those whose positions I attack OTB. Defense, openings, and positional play are things among others where I have lots of work to do to improve.

    Last night was just as strange as it was marvelous, as after the game I, two Masters, an Expert, and Alex 1700 went to McDonald’s. Brian Wall gave us some lectures on some of his games, and then we all played round robin blitz chess.

    I lost both of my games against Alex, he attacked me convincingly in each game, much as the same way that I win against others (I played variations that I will not likely play OTB). The big shocker was that I turned drawn or lost endgames into wins vs. the Expert, who is known for his endgame play – sort of a high-level endgame beatdown, but I lost all my games on time and didn’t really care. But he had little problem gaining an edge as or -+ as Black even. In fact, I was completely lost two pawns down in rook endgame and won it rather easily.

    Against the Master I got one lucky should have win (lost on time but it was quite won). He won an exchange, but it was a deep queen trap. I didn’t see the trap, but we both noticed it, and him much sooner than me.

    Against Brian wall, I lost both, and he sort of aims it for an endgame win. He kept trying to force piece sacs against me in the second game, but I declined both piece sacs and then sacked a pawn to defend. It seemed defendable, but I had lost on time.

    My favorite part, and the one that impressed me the most, was Chess Master Brian Wall’s ability to evaluate/score positions and find ideas where it was really difficult to tell whether he was winning or losing all along, but where he had definite opinions of what was going on and scads of positional ideas/understandings. A position can looks very confused, unclear, but the better player will have a much better idea of what is really going on and notice more of the hidden, thematic possibilities.

    In the game which I posted at the top of this post. I knew that if my opponent did not sac his knight on f6 immediately that he was going to be doomed. In fact, I blitzed my last 5 or so moves and had 24 minutes at the end of the game, whereas my opponent used over an hour on those same 5 moves, and I used maybe two minutes. I was a bit shocked that he didn’t challenge me tactically with a piece sac at the very least, even if it were a piece for a pawn, for example. But he chose to hope that I would simply play bad chess and blunder.

    Bxh5 surprised Rhett, but it was a Keres sort of move to always be calculating the mate, with other things being secondary. The mates can be easy, it’s just the looking for them that’s so surprising.

    One of my favorite Keres “endings”, it was a win against Lombardy, 1969 at Wijk an Zee. Keres sacked in front of the opponents king, and then forced the queen into eating pawns in front of it’s own king, only to open up a mate. THAT was brutal. 🙂

    Keres redefining the word ‘brutal’:
    Keres vs Lombardy 1969 – Wijk an Zee

  2. Heh, nice Keres game, thanks for posting it. 🙂

    Don’t see Qe2 much in the Dragon like that! Leads to a completely different type of game than the normal Yugoslav stuff.

  3. I’ve won a game against a chess author:

    Looking back, I never realized that such a game would amount to more than just another scoop of ratings points. I remembered the game, once I thought about it and how Neil was impressed by my final combo. It’s actually on this blog somewhere way, way back.

    His rating hovers around 1900. It was on a Monday or Tuesday night, and I didn’t play many of those games, only a handful.

    It also reminds me how much of a challenge that it has been to get my rating back on track at G/90 speeds. I would like to keep my rating at or above 1850, if that is possible. 1900 is really my next goal, not 2000. 2000 rating is kind of iffy because there are not a lot of Class A players or above, and I would mostly need to beat them at G/90, but that is still a possibility.

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