Still Tebowing

…because I can only describe it as an act of God that I do not lose these games on time, as I continue to play as if the time-controls were 30/90, G/30. I am doing really well for that time control, let me tell you, but not for G/90, particularly considering that my opponents routinely have well over an hour left by the end of the game.

Round 2

My opponents get impatient in my time-trouble, or they needed my time to think…or something! It’s otherwise inexplicable, those are the three possibilities and I am leaning toward the first one for now.

My opening ideas of ..Be6 and ..Bf6 were bad ones, I simply didn’t get called out on them. Even ..Nc6xNd4 was not as strong as simply playing ..Nf6.

I don’t know what I am doing as Black besides purely winging it, this is my problem. I need some more discipline when playing Black, and some more confidence.


3 thoughts on “Still Tebowing

  1. “Joseph Pahk 1673”

    “29. Qxd5”

    Wait …. what?

    Can’t believe a 1650 would just “miss” the fork after f4, either – it looks like he’s playing a blitz game or something. Same with not noticing that the knight has nowhere to go after Nxf7 (and then not taking on h6 after that).

    More seriously: I thought Be6 was fine (Qb3 is coming anyway). Not sure what in the world 15. b4 was all about – that just looks really strange. Gotta just take on c6 I think, and I don’t think you can avoid getting a bad pawn there in the middle (either a bad IQP or forcing the c-pawn to advance leaving a hole on d5).

  2. I agree that Bf6 and especially Be6 weren’t good, after 8… Be6 9. Bxe6 fxe6 10. Qh5+ and you lose the right to castle or lose a pawn after 10…g6 Qb5+.
    Then he kind of self-destructed, 24… Ne7 was good.

    I played today, got one expert that I had =1, -1 before, he was 30 minutes late and not in a good shape, lost in 25 moves. He didn’t play well positionally and then blundered a piece in 2 moves. Good for me. šŸ™‚
    Another thing is that 3 weeks ago after working basically in one place for 15 years (2 merges) I suddenly got temporarily (8 months max) laid off. The reason is that there is no job and they will try to find one for me, hard to believe. I am formally there, keep e-mail, benefits, laptop, but not salary.
    Much better would be get terminated right away and receive a package, which should have been pretty big, but it wasn’t the intention. The intention is that I will not survive on EI for 8 months and will have to find a job and resign, so they will not owe me anything. It affected my going to the clubs, but then I decided that chess distracts me and I should play.

  3. RollingPawns, sorry to hear about your job, but I hear you loud and clear about the chess part. šŸ™‚ I thought there must be something job-related going on, about not playing chess.

    I can’t believe that a Master possibly may have self-destructed in my time-pressure tonight. I didn’t bother trying, and this time-control isn’t much built for a 90 move fight, but it’s still surprising to see this trend persist.

    You should post your last two games if you like, it seems you are doing well again. šŸ˜‰

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