Out of it

Round 2

There’s not much to say about this game, other than first I started running out of time, and then I ran out of energy. I worked an hour OT, instead of taking a break before I got there and having some coffee and such like I normally do. I was mentally burnt out since Tuesday, my day off, and was in a fog for most of the week. Did I really play this game? I missed mate in three and many easy wins, but didn’t look at the game much, seems like it happened in a dream perhaps.

Before the game I learned that I would be starting a new position at my work (right before I left work to play chess), after training for the next two weeks. I won’t know my next schedule until then. I had mixed feelings about playing this game, not wanting to become too attached during the game so that I wouldn’t feel like I would be missing chess, since it is possible that I won’t be able to play anymore weekday games depending on my future schedule.

I spent a really long time before deciding to sac the d-pawn early in the game, but then quickly realized I had a winning position and was much better than my opponent, but then I was done on the clock and done with mental energy, and wasn’t so concerned with the result by that point. It was too much of week, and this game was sort of like a blip, a bump in the road somewhere. In any normal state I am winning this game easily, spotting the mate in 3, etc.


4 thoughts on “Out of it

  1. It’s too bad you had enough energy only for the beginning, “d” pawn sac was interesting.
    He was losing after 13. Rb1, how on earth he could take on b2?
    Then, yeah, one mate in 4 and two mates in 3, wow.
    OK, we know that the shape is very important, talked a lot about it.
    I hope you will in better one next time.

  2. It was worse than that, I got tired to the point where he had a Ne5 and I played Rd3 and didn’t see any longer that his knight would simply take it. When he played ..NxRd3 about 5-10 seconds later, I thought “Where did that piece come from?”, then I saw I was dropping my Nc3, so it was a whole rook blunder in one move. Not only that, but the knight had been on e5 for a few moves already before I let it happen and I had seen that I couldn’t play Rd3 numerous times, but he played Qd4 and I just reacted with Rd3. He darts his hand back and forth a lot and hovers with it, and it’s easy to get caught up in making quick moves with him, as lots of people eerily lose this way to him.

    It’s all of the overtime from work, the accumulated effect I believe. Physically, I was still okay, but mentally it felt like I was gone. I had a great day at my first day of Tier 2 tech class at work today, but I did not choose to work OT. Felt a bit out of it, physically. Came home and pointed my car-door opener button at my front-door and pressed it without thinking. That’s an easy sign of when one’s body has been pushed too far.

    Despite the awful finish, I did stay up until 2:15 a.m. after the game going over chess-stuff with Alex. The 3 hour nap I just took felt great. I’m glad that I’ve switched over to Tier 2 Tech Support, as I plan to not work as much OT (and would try to avoid it), if I also play chess.

  3. I played yesterday and lost, posted the game. I play just awful lately, never played that bad, lost 4 games to 1600 and drew with 1470 rated player.

    My job search ended, I’ll start a new job soon, so maybe this will stabilize my play. I am interested in your opinion about that game, maybe you will see what is wrong in general.

  4. That’s great that you found a new job, you are much further ahead than me, I only transferred to a different position and probably won’t make any more money, might but will probably make less 😉 But anyway, it will be more of a tech role.

    I think this will help you in some ways, it will help you be more relaxed about the result for one thing. Sometimes, when all one has going on in their life is chess, it brings the result into prominence over simple improvement of one’s game. I could have learned more by taking a few more risks and not only worrying about the result so much.

    RollingPawns, you have a really solid game, so I would encourage you to go for it more on occasion. It’s true that the wrong follow-up move can throw the game away, as happened to you that once, but you were gaining more confidence when you tried sacking during that while.

    If you play it positionally, for the endgame, then you need seemingly 20 or more exact moves just to nudge that advantage of += into a win.

    I may just blog how I really feel about the game of chess right now. I know blogging eats up time, but it would be titled “Chess as Art.”

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