April 2012 – Round 3

Round 3 Wednesday

I’ve included both of my games this week. The first game requires more explanation. Both games, I got off work at 2 pm and the days before was going straight home to bed. Of course, like a true chess addict (right?), I went to play chess on Wednesday at 6pm and was pretty out of it until I had 2 cups of coffee right before the game.

I made an instant move that I had been planning, but saw it was a blunder once I had played it. He spent 5 minutes, never seeing he could simply take my Ne4. He offered a draw, I declined and promptly dropped my rook with just over a minute on my clock. Just recreating this game is hard because I was blitzing. I ended up down the knight and two pawns in the endgame, but he just kept moving back and forth in my time-pressure until I tried to attack him in an anti-positional manner and got skewered. It is interesting to note that he was willing, even that far up, to win on time, and I don’t even think that that was completely intentional on his part.

Round 3 Thursday

Thursdays game, I took a 40 minute nap before the game, and drank 2 cups of coffee an hour before the game, this is key. The day before I was awake, but the coffee kicked in late and I was terrible in time-pressure being somehow tired and wired at the same time, bumbling my pieces around on the board while blitzing.

I had looked at old scoresheets in my bag, games from CA, and I noted the games were much longer and the score-keeping much neater all game long, and I used to record times. So on Thursdays game I recorded times, kept my scoresheet legible, and ended the game with 30 minutes still on my clock. I would have played well against any opponent, but that is how it is, you often don’t get paired against weak opponents when off or strong opponents when feeling on; in fact, this month it was always the opposite of that.

I will get a new permanent schedule next month, and may be able to play at none, one, or perhaps even both days of club chess. Almost surely I will have the swing-shift, so that if I play any club games on my day off, then “look out” as I may be winning all or most of these marginal games which I have been playing recently. 😉


8 thoughts on “April 2012 – Round 3

  1. In Wednesday’s game you look off, that Ne4 says something. Then you played more or less OK, but again the end tells the same story.

    In Thursday’s game he was holding on until about the move 25, then started to play according to his rating. I think it’s good idea keep recording accurately (even with times), it make less blunder or bad move less possible.

    I left a comment to your previous post.

  2. I’ve changed my mind about the clock and time-pressure. I see opponents obviously using it against me. There are side-tournaments around here like one last weekend which was G/30 that encourage fast chess play.

    The thing that really upsets me the most is my opponents almost overwhelmingly blitzing back once I get under 5 minutes and not writing the moves down. This really pisses me off because it tells me that all they care about is the win, they would rather win than have a game record that they could like back on for study purposes or for posting somewhere. I can’t even remember the end to my games accurately anymore. I wan’t to record my entire games more than I care about the result at this point. The result I care about is recording the games and giving each move it’s due, rather than winning or losing.

    Definitely I could not believe I had played Ne4 (had analyzed it so wrongly). I knew I was off, but I also knew I had come to play. I had planned to follow up losing the knight with Qe3 and f3 and get some play regardless. In some ways I may have done better in that line because he gave me a long time to look at it. Once I got a winning position, he no longer gave me time to look at things, simply did the right thing by keeping queens on and then just blitzing.

  3. In your place I would definitely complain to TD, it is against the rules not to write down your moves having more than 5 minutes left.
    You complain once, next time maybe people will think twice about doing it.

  4. I should ask Paul to show me where that rule is that they don’t have to write them down if I am under 5 minutes. I can ask Dean about it, first, since that should clear it up. Paul is the one that told me that it is a rule somewhere in the USCF book. Doesn’t sound like it should be a rule to me either.

  5. It looks like USCF rule allows both players not to write the moves if one is under 5 minutes, it is different from FIDE rule.
    I didn’t play today. I played horrible on Monday, lost to 1470, so I decided I need a break.
    I worked the first day today, so hopefully it will have a stabilizing effect.

  6. Congrats on your new job! 🙂 I started my first day in tech support yesterday. I played two games on FICS today, and lost both. My impression of FICS is one of bad opening play followed by tough endgame play, just the opposite of what happens in club games – people who play online have that advantage of having played thousands of games, when it comes to endgames. It’s a strange transition to go from club play to FICS play just because of the endgame factor.

    So I adjusted my strategy toward not going into endgames, played horribly yet still won my next two games because my feeling about this was right; that we are more used to looking at complex middlegame positions as club players, than we are at slogging out endgames that bore us.

    Here’s a good example of this. My opponent spends three minutes on the move after he gets two queens, and still can’t figure out a defense. That is just funny, but it backs up what I am saying:


    You can post your lost game if you like, your games are always worth looking at. 😉

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