It’s a tale of two cities, against weaker players I play like this:
Wednesday Round 1

But against stronger players I play like this:
Thursday Round 2

My same weakness crops up game after game against other players who are 1700+ rated – it’s the queen-play in the opening and middlegame. It made me realize that I have no business playing G/90 unless I get better with complex queen positions. Tomorrow I find out my new schedule at work; so I figured that if this were my last clubgame for the forseable future, then at least I am under no illusion of where my chess game is currently sitting.

My original plan was 11.g3 e3, 12.f3, thinking this was strong but it’s not after Black plays a ..Nf5-d4 sort of response, and at best I can equalize in a complex way (Qd3 instead of BxNd4). So my response of 11.Rd1 was best, but both lines revolve around strong queenplay.

At first I thought that I was trapping his queen, then I realized that I wasn’t trapping his queen and didn’t know what to do. I played 13. b2 just so that after ..Qa3, I no longer have to worry about any forseable Qxc2 moves, now how weak is that? 13.Qd4 with 14.Bc4 to follow is +.67. I didn’t really grasp that Qd4 was the essence of the position until after I had played b3 and now the Bc4 idea is too late.

Then I completely miss 16..e3, which never even occurred to me – I guess I thought that that pawn would sit there at e4 forever or something. I knew I was lost but needed to make a quick move by this point, and my opponent had spent maybe 5 minutes total of his own time on the entire game. Of course I missed 16..e3 because I thought that he had to respond to the threat of 17.Ba3, which I had planned with my previous move of Bb2, so that it was hard to look it off when I was simply looking to start making some quick moves.

I could cop out that I had to be at work by 5:30 am the past two weeks of training, and that surely didn’t help my play, but the queens thing, that has simply been something that has vexed me at G/90 time-controls in particular.

I should probably also point out that Wednesday’s game took a grand total of about 15 minutes to play, total time between both of us. So, it’s not that I run into time issues in every position, but mostly in positions where my skills are lacking.

12.Qd2 is not even the strongest move, apparently 12.Qxe4 is, but this is another level above where I should have been playing at. I didn’t like 12…Bf5, 13..Bxc threat, naturally.


6 thoughts on “Vexed

  1. I’m back.

    After working my first half-day as customer-service/Tier 2 Tech Support, I was able to choose my new schedule. I will be working the swing-shift, with Thursday and Friday off. This means that I will be playing chess on Thursday…not tired. Well, if I manage to move more quickly through the opening phase, then it means that I will get to and get through interesting points of the game more quickly.

    90 minutes is still not that much time for a game, but I won’t be fading out later in games the way I have been the past two weeks, or at least nowhere as badly as I was. πŸ™‚

  2. Wednesday’s game – making move with the same pawn twice (with 2 pawns) creates of course a delay in development and combined with too many pieces under attack (strange how lower rated people like to do that) leads to a quick end for your opponent.

  3. RollingPawns, yes, I even told him that. πŸ™‚ I said anything in the center will speed up my attack, and that he could play hippopotumus with ..e6, ..d6 and attack on the wings, but not in the center.

  4. Thursday’s game – it is interesting how you get carried away with pursuing of his queen and attack on “d” and from the better position you get worse and then, yeah … 16… e3 wins.
    This is my way of losing, getting worse from better, don’t follow me. πŸ™‚

    I played today, it was better than before, eventually beat 1500 rated guy in the endgame. Started with Queen’s Indian, didn’t want to play Grunfeld where last time he caught me on a theoretical line and drew in 12 moves.

  5. RollingPawns, I think for you winning endgames is a good thing. πŸ™‚ For me, middlegames are important because I am trying to reach sharp play often, but I would like some long, awesome endgame if I could get to one, so perhaps will against stronger opponents. πŸ˜‰

    I am glad you veered from Gruenfeld to try Queen’s Indian. Queen’s Indian is not such a booked line, it’s a more flexible outcome.

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