Chris Peterson

…won the Bobby Fischer Memorial Tournament in Monument CO, on tie-breaks, ahead of visiting GM Bakre from India. 

Here are two of Chris’ games:

Game 1
Game 2

Here is a podcast interview of Chris:


I am just kind of floored by these games, what a gorgeous style!  In this podcast interview, his mention of Zhiatdinov’s influence on him is what purchased me to buy that book which just came in the mail today.

Interesting update on move 10. I am skimming through Brian Wall’s notes of the game and he says that 10…Bf8! is winning for Black, which is what I what would have played, but figured he must know he is getting mated in that line because he is a Master, but no, Masters can get psyched out too, apparently.

Don’t overlook this instructive video where Chris gets a winning position against GM Fishbein.

It’s interesting how Brian Wall was pressured on the clock, even at classsical time-controls, had 31 seconds to make his 40th move, and blundered on it. He says either 40..Qc4 or 40..Qh3 were both strong moves. Black does seem to have the better position, and I too was thinking White had gone astray with not finding a decisive win earlier.

This book (100 of Zhiatdinovs games), first impression is that it was listed as ‘acceptable’ but is actually in new condition, paper only slightly off-white from sitting on a shelf. Second impression of this book is that it is too tactically advanced for me and that I need to study tactics more and do some of that Stoyko analysis on these positions and even his sideline comments, much as TommyG has been meaning to do! 🙂 


My thoughts on the World Championship match so far: A rest day every two days, really? You are getting paid that much money, IMHO you should play M-F and get Sat-Sun off like the rest of us. So far, it seems they trot out their preparation and then fashion a draw. IOW, the real game must be played with their trainers and then they more or less show up at the board to compare notes and hope for blunders. Gelfand can “draw you under the table” (as in drink you under the table – American expression), that is my summation of this match so far, and Vishy is more or less content with the preparation side of things. I would think that Anand would slaughter Gelfand in any rapid situation, but either way the loser gets 40% of the purse, so the result is just as much for ratings and prestige! No draw odds to worry about either, I don’t believe.


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